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Yuki Urushibara (漆原 友紀 Urushibara Yuki?, born 23 January 1974 in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan) is a Japanese manga artist. She is best known for the series Mushishi, for which she received an Excellence Prize for manga at the 2003 Japan Media Arts Festival[1] and the 2006 Kodansha Manga Award for general manga.[2] She is also known by the pen name Soyogo Shima (志摩 冬青 Shima Soyogo?).

She is blood type O.


  • Mushishi (1999–2008, Kodansha, 10 volumes), a manga appearing in the magazine Afternoon, which was later adapted into an anime series
  • Filament (2004), a compilation of short works
  • Waters (2009-now, Kodansha), a manga appearing in the magazine Afternoon


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