Yuhki Kamatani (鎌谷 悠希 Kamatani Yuhki?, born June 22, 1983) is a Japanese manga writer and illustrator from Hiroshima, Japan. She debuted with and is known for Nabari no Ou (隠の王 Nabari no Ō?, lit. Ruler of Nabari). Liberamente (リベラメンテ Riberamente?) was published a year later. Both manga are published by Monthly GFantasy.[1]

Kamatani's current work, Nabari no Ou, was a finalist under the Story Manga division in the ninth Japan Media Arts Festival in 2005 and was ultimately recommended by the Committee.[2]

Kamatani worked with J.C.Staff to create a twenty-six episode anime adaptation Nabari no Ou Directed by Kunihisa Sugishima, the series premiered in Japan on TV Tokyo on April 6, 2008. The episodes subsequently air on other TXN networks, including TV Aichi and TV Osaka. The first volume of an English translation of the manga was released in May 2009 by Yen Press.[3]

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