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Yasutaka Nagai (永井 泰宇, ながい やすたか, Nagai Yasutaka?, born Baku Nagai (永井博, ながい ばく, Nagai Baku), March 10, 1941 in Shanghai, China) is a Japanese novelist, Manga author and scenario writer. He is one of the four brothers of famous mangaka Go Nagai.

In 1969 he was a candidate for the Ranpo Edogawa prize for his novel Baptism of Blood (鮮血のバプテスマ), being Seiichi Morimura the winner of that year[1], but he abandoned his activities as a writer, for a time, with the establishment of Dynamic Production. He would re-debut as a writer in 1981 with Shin Devilman (真・デビルマン)(not to be confused with the manga of similar name where he also collaborated).

He has also worked with his brother and Ken Ishikawa in several manga such as Maboroshi Panty, Haru Ichiban and Shinrei Tantei Occult Dan, among others.


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