Template:Infobox actor voice Yōko Asagami (麻上 洋子 Asagami Yōko?, born July 10, 1952 in Otaru, Hokkaido and raised in Fujisawa, Kanagawa) is a veteran seiyū who is represented by Aksent. Her married name is Yōko Ōkubo (大久保 洋子 Ōkubo Yōko?).

She is most known for the roles of Yuki Mori (Space Battleship Yamato) and Saeko Nogami (City Hunter).

In 1992, she began to study traditional Japanese storytelling kōdan under the master Teisui Ichiryūsai (一龍斎 貞水 Ichiryūsai Teisui?). By 2004 she had risen to become a star kōdanshi. When she performs as a storyteller, she goes by the name Harumi Ichiryūsai (一龍斎 春水 Ichiryūsai Harumi?).

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