This article is about an anime with the English title of Once Upon a Time. For an earlier animated feature sharing this title, see Once Upon a Time (1976 film). For other uses of that term, see Once Upon a Time (disambiguation).

Windaria (ウインダリア?) is a Japanese anime film.

The mountainous kingdom of Paro and the coastal city-state of Itha had been at peace for over a century. They would have remained that way but for the ambitions of Paro's power-hungry king. Paro invaded Itha, despite the love between Jill, Paro's prince, and Ahanas, Itha's princess. Caught between duty and emotion, the star-crossed lovers were forced to fight a war to its bitter conclusion.

Isu was a simple farmer from the neutral village of Saki, but he saved Itha from being destroyed by a spy from Paro, and found himself hungering for wealth and glory that the Ithan monarchy could provide. Agents from Paro made him an offer to fulfill his wishes, and he left his wife Marin behind in what would turn into a battlefield between the two kingdoms.

In 1987, Harmony Gold brought Windaria to the U.S., changing the title to Once Upon A Time, trimming the movie from its 102-minute running time to 95 minutes. Streamline Pictures issued this version on video in 1992 (titled as Windaria). This edited dub (attacked by critics and anime fans) altered the plot (the script was rewritten by Carl Macek), switched scenes around, gave the entire cast Western names, and added narration provided by Russell Johnson (of Gilligan's Island fame). ADV Films has reissued this version on DVD in 2004. A Nintendo DS game based on the movie was released by Compile Heart under the name Dungeon of Windaria in 2008.

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