What Does Tigger Need?


Season 1 Episode 6 (6 overall)


Tujunga on Haines Canyon


1. Bubbles
2. A Towel
3. Donald Duck

Wrong Answer

Put the bubbles between the towel and the Donald Duck and make Soap

Answer to Tigger's Clues

Bath time

What Does Tigger Need? is the 5th episode of Tigger's Clues from Season 1.


Characters Present

§  Tigger

§  Candace (North America)

§  Sailor Moon (Goanimate/Vyond)

§  Tickety Tock

§  Thomas

§  Phineas

§  Mrs. Pepper

§  Goofy

§  Donald Duck

§  Cinderella

§  Tinkerbell

§  Lilo & Annie

§  Rubber Duck

§  Bear

§  Washer

§  Ironing Board

§  Dresser

§  Orange

§  Watermelon

§  Kiwi

§  Strawberries (had the most seeds)


What Does Tigger Need? That's the question as Candace and Tigger do some cleaning up.


Needs are the order of the day. After taking care of some gardening needs, we help Phineas and Ferb, who need to know which fruits to wash for their fruit salad. Later, we help out with Candace's need to have his clothes clean and in order when Tigger gets into them and they get messed up and he needs a bath. Then we skidoo into a picture of Tujunga on Haines Canyon where we help Bear go through a maze to get to the river to get cleaned off.


§  This is the first appearance of Bear. He also appears in 2 later episodes What Story Does Tigger Want to Play? & Tigger’s Big Treasure Hunt.

§  In this episode, the show recorded more Notebook voiceovers.

§  This is fifth episode.

§  This is the first time a character is one of the three clues. In this episode, Donald Duck is a clue, making his debut.

§  This is the first official episode to feature Donald Duck and the bathroom of the house.

§  This episode is actually called What Does Tigger Need?.

§  This is the second time where a question is asked as the name of the episode.

§  This is the only episode where Tigger and Candace skidoo into a picture in the bathroom.

§  Tigger finished up her bath and dried off pretty quickly to go appear with Candace during the "So Long Song" and wave goodbye at the window.

§  This is the first episode where the intro starts off late.

§  Basically, this was the only time Candace and Tigger skidooed into a different frame. They usually skidoo in the frame in the living room by the Thinking Chair.

§  The Strawberries were gloating when they said, "We have the most seeds! We have the most seeds!"

§  Washer would make another brief appearance later in the season (in Winnie the Pooh Comes Over), but never spoke.

§  When Candace pops back up at the end of the Tigger's Clues theme song, his hair from the later episode Adventures in Art is used.

§  The Tigger's Clues theme song also uses the same footage in Tigger's Favorite Song.

§  The Mailtime Music sounds starting out like I Did That!, Bedtime Business, The Grow Show!, Love Day and Tigger's First Holiday.

§  Running Gag​: Candace getting splashed with water.

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