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Wakako Hironaka (広中 和歌子 Hironaka Wakako?, born 11 May 1934, Tokyo) is a Japanese writer and politician. She is a member of the House of Councillors (Upper House of the Japanese Diet). Her political affiliation is with the Democratic Party of Japan. Her husband is Heisuke Hironaka, a mathematician.


Wakako Hironaka has been a member of the House of Councillors since 1986, and currently serving her fourth term. Between 1993-1994, she was State Minister, Director-General of the Environment Agency in the Hosokawa Cabinet. In the past years, she served several times as Vice President of the Democratic Party of Japan.

Councillor Hironaka is currently Director of the Research Committee on International Affairs and Global Warming Issues and a Member of both the Committee on Environment and Official Development Assistance and Related Matters. She has been active internationally, as Vice Chair of Global Environmental Action (GEA), an organizing member of Micro Credit Summit, a member of World Commission on Forests and Sustainable Development, Earth Charter Commission, and Teri (The Energy and Resources Institute)

Ms. Hironaka received a B.A. in English from Ochanomizu Women's University and an M.A. in Anthropology from Brandeis University. She has written several books, essays, translations, and critiques on education, culture, society, and women's issues.

Other activities

Party Affiliation and Position Standing
  • Officer, Democratic Party of Japan
  • Membership, House Committees Chair, Research Committee on Economy, Industry and Employment
  • Member, Committee on Education, Culture, and Science.
  • Membership, International Organizations Vice-Chair, Global Environmental Action (GEA)
  • Vice-Chair, GLOBE Japan (Global Legislators Organization for a Balanced Environment)
  • Co-Chair, Council of Parliamentarians, Micro Credit Summit
  • Member, WCFSD (World Commission on Forests and Sustainable Development)
  • Member, Earth Charter Commission
  • Member, Earth Charter International Council
  • Chair, Committee for Promoting the Earth Charter in Japan and the Asia Pacific
  • Member, International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB), UNESCO
  • Chair, PGA (Parliamentarians for Global Action) Japan National Committee
  • Member, Governing Council, TERI The Energy Research Institute, New Delhi, India
  • Member, UNEP Sasakawa Prize Jury
Former Roles
  • Sept. 2005 – Sept. 2006: Vice President, Democratic Party of Japan
  • June 1996 - Jan. 1997: Chairperson, House Special Committee on Science and Technology
  • Aug. 1995 - June 1996: Shadow Cabinet Minister of Environment Policy, New Frontier Party Aug.
  • 1993 - Apr. 1994: State Minister, Director General of the Environment Agency
  • Apr. 1993 - Aug. 1993: President, GLOBE Japan (Global Legislators Organization for a Balanced Environment)


In Japanese
  • Futatsu no Bunka no Aida de (二つの文化の間で Between Two Cultures?) 1979
  • Josei no Shigoto to Katei (Woman-Her Work and Family?) 1981
  • Tsugi no Sedai ni Nani wo nokosu ka (What Values Should We Leave for the Future Generations??) 1982
  • Amerika ha Nihon ni nani wo nozon de iru ka , Gikai kara no Koe (What America Wants from Japan, Voices from the American Congress?) 1987
  • Seiji ha wakaranai (Politics is Unexpectedly Interesting?) 1989
Translations into Japanese

Shifting Gears, George & Nina O'Neill, 1975

Japan as Number One, Ezra Vogel with A. Kimoto, 1979

Samurai & Silk, Haru M. Reischauer, 1987

  • Translations from Japanese to English

Hanaoka Seisyuu no Tsuma (華岡青洲の妻|The Doctor's Wife?) : Sawako Ariyoshi, 1978 (with Ann Siller Kostant)

Ameyuki-san, Tomoko Yamazaki, 1986

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