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Viscount Pygman was a fictional villain from the robot anime Mazinger Z. He was, like the story's other villains, a physically bizarre creation with the body of a pygmy shaman atop the body of a large tribal warrior, holding a shield and spear. Unlike Dr. Hell's other lieutenants, Viscount Pygman had little loyalty to his creator, and stole one of his robot warriors to destroy Mazinger Z on his own.


Unlike Ashura and Brocken, Pygman's background before being turned into Hell's servant is largely unknown. In fact, his appearances in the series are limited to a handful of chapters at the very end. Even to Brocken, he is a stranger and does not know of his existence the first time he meets him. Pygman seems to operate more freely than either Ashura or Brocken, showing little concern for sticking to the plans of Dr. Hell, to the point of rebelling against him in the end and stealing a mechanical beast to defeat Mazinger on his own. He successfully overtakes the Photonic Research Institute, and even after his monster is destroyed he stands as a threat, although Koji finally manages to kill him.

He has telepathic powers, the ability to fly and spit fire, and is also capable of using voodoo against his enemies. In one chapter, Shiro has made several drawings of Mazinger, Diana, Baron Ashura (who had died some chapters before) and other characters and hanged them on a wall. During his sleep, the Ashura drawing becomes alive and approaches Shiro in a menacing manner. Trying to defend himself, Shiro grabs a vase which accidentally breaks and ends up stuck on Ashura's drawing. The ghastly entity falls down to the floor, and when Koji enters the room, Ashura's drawing is bleeding. It's later shown that Pygman was behind it.

Pygman is also notable as being the only recurring character from Mazinger Z not to appear in the American adaptation Tranzor Z.


Though technically he doesn't pilot the monster, Pygman rides Bornest S9 in chapter 86, resting in its empty eye socket.

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