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Veffidas Feaze (ビヒーダ・フィーズ Bihīda Fīzu?) is a fictional character in the Macross universe. She first appears in Macross 7. She also appears in the movie Macross 7: The Galaxy Is Calling Me! and the OAVs Macross 7 Encore and Macross Dynamite 7. She is voiced by Urara Takano.

The muscular, silent, micloned Zentradi is the drummer for the band Fire Bomber. Little is known of her past as she rarely speaks. A pseudo-documentary on the history of the members of Firebomber (as seen in Macross 7 Encore, episode 1), containing dramaticised versions of events, shows that Veffidas was a street performer who did fire-eating tricks and knife-throwing while still in her giant form. She meets the child Basara as he gives her some food (which he had gotten by initially trying to trade his guitar to a baker, who just gave him the bread because he liked Basara's music).

How Veffidas really met Basara, however, is quite different. While still a giant, Veffidas fights another Zentradi to the death; as he dies, Veffidas makes known that she loved him. As she is walking away, she sees child Basara and is touched by his singing. Events after this are unknown, but she eventually undergoes micronization and joins Fire Bomber as their drummer.

In one of the Macross 7 Plus shorts that came with the DVD release (tagged onto episode 12), Veffidas has a segment showing that she was a martial arts giant warrior who fought constantly with other Zentradi. At the end, it describes her as a 'fighter that never lost' and asked the question why she changed her ways. She is shown to eventually abandon the life of a fighter because her search for victory cost her the love of her life when she defeated him in battle.

Veffidas can usually be seen drumming on something (tables, monitors, tin cans or jet engines) to pass the time, sometimes as audio cues for events in the episode, like using the intro for Planet Dance for Basara's launches. She seldom speaks, but when she does it is almost always a short sentence that has great meaning and impact (She is seen speaking at least three times on screen, and on all occasions, it was directed at Mylene Jenius). She joins Sound Force along with her bandmates, and sits in the back seat of Ray's customized VF-17. Her drumming in Sound Force is as powerful as the singing of Basara and bassist Mylene Flare Jenius, and she also shows talent with the guitar.