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File:VF-9 Cutlass.gif

VF-9 Cutlass in fighter mode.

The General Galaxy VF-9 Cutlass is a fictional variable fighter in alternate stories and video games based on The Super Dimension Fortress Macross Japanese animated series.[1][2]

In the fictional world of Macross the VF-9 project was the first assignment at the General Galaxy variable fighter development company for its chief project advisor Algus Selzer. Development began in the year 2018, and the first flight occurred in 2021 A.D. The VF-9 was intended as a concept for an inexpensive twin-engined light variable fighter. However, due to input from UN-Forces-assigned test pilot Captain Milia Fallyna Jenius, it displayed aerial combat maneuverability higher than the VF-4 Lightning III, the main fighter at the time. As a result, General Galaxy received massive orders from colony planets with reduced budgets, and the VF-9 became its first bestseller. Mass production began in 2023 and ended in 2029 A.D.[3]

In fighter mode the VF-9 bears a strong resemblance to Grumman's concept for the real life Advanced Tactical Fighter competition.


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