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[[ As you see/watch on the video uhm its all about Aiga v.s Phi. (To be summarized),the battle has to be started but only Phi is on the arena. On beyblade when a blader don't come on a battle,it is considered as a violation. It took few minutes before Aiga came as the battle start a new trick Phi show to everyone. He use the removed armor to attack Cho-z achilles,'over finish!'Phi gets the first point. Aiga was sad about that and suddenly the bey spirit shows at Aiga. He's ready for the next battle! And again 3!2!1! Go shoot! And the burst stopper came out. And again Phi do the trick flewing of the armor but Achilles dodge it and attack Phoenix. Both have strong power but in the end,'burst finish! Achilles win with 2-1'. Aiga was so happy then and now ready to battle

The champion,Aoi Valt!!!]]