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Tsutomu Takahashi (高橋 ツトム Takahashi Tsutomu?) , born on September 20, 1965 in Tokyo, Japan, is a Japanese manga artist, who is well known for his manga Jiraishin. As of March 2006, he is currently married and has one child. His alias is Ichigo Nekota.


He began his involvement in the manga work with the creation of Jiraishin, published and serialized in Afternoon magazine and published in Kodansha, which made him a popular icon in Japan from 1992-1999. In late 1999, he published a single manga volume called ALIVE, published by Shueisha. Shortly afterwards, he published Tetsuwan Girl, which is also carried by Kodansha as well.


  • 69
  • Angel's Share
  • Bakuon Rettou
  • Blue Heaven
  • Dead Flowers - His first manga under the alias of Ichigo Nekota
  • Jiraishin
  • ROUTE69
  • Skyhigh
  • Skyhigh Karma
  • Tetsuwan Girl


  • He was a guest lecturer at Ritsumeikan University back in 1998, giving a talk on "Expression". Many of the students and teachers have said that he is well-liked and popular due to his sense of humor and his looks.
  • He was the In-Between Animator and Key Animator for the anime, Gad Guard.
  • His former assistant was Tsutomu Nihei, who went to create the manga BLAME!
  • His travels to the United States, New York in particular, enabled him to create scenes in Jiraishin that had English conversations. His travels also influenced him to make Kyoya, Eriko and other Jiraishin characters speak fluent English[1].


  1. Seen in various notes at the end of each manga volume during the New York stories

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