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Tsunomaru (つの丸?, born 27 May 1970 in Chiba, Japan) is a Japanese manga artist who writes mostly shōnen manga. He debuted in 1991 with "Go Go Pochu Mukin" (GOGOポチョムキン?), which received the Shōnen Weekly Jump newcomer's award. Tsunomaru is best known for the horse-racing comedy Midori no Makibaō, which was adapted as a 61-episode anime television series[1] and received the 1997 Shogakukan Manga Award for children's manga.[2]


Tsunomaru is known for his distinct drawing style. Most of his characters have monkey-like features, most notable in his manga Mon Mon Mon!, including short stature, small eyes, large nostrils, big lips, and if male, exposed genitals.


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