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Tony Taka (トニー Tonii?, real name: 田中 貴之 Tanaka Takayuki, born 1971 in Miyagi Prefecture), also referred to as just Tony, is a Japanese manga artist, video game artist and character designer.[1][2]


Upon graduating from art design college, he first began working on advertisement designs, but in 1998 subsequently changed careers to become a manga/anime style artist.[1] Soon after, he began illustrating for numerous eroge and designing its characters, thus quickly gaining himself renown and popularity.[1][2][3] Apart from his illustration work, which has since encompassed designing general games such as the recent iterations of Sega's popular Shining roleplaying game series, he is also executive director of his own company, RPM Y.K.[1][2][3][4]


General games

  • Tempest
  • Room with Lina (ルーム・ウィズ・リナ Rūmu wizu Rina?)
  • Shining Tears
  • Shining Wind
  • Shining Hearts


  • Arcana: Hikari to Yami no Extasis (アルカナ 〜光と闇のエクスタシス〜 Arukana ~Hikari to yami no Ekusutashisu~?)
  • Mitama: Shinobi (御魂 〜忍〜?)
  • After...
  • Sora no Iro, Mizu no Iro
  • Shinsou Genmukan (真章 幻夢館 Shinsō: Genmukan?)
  • Tsubasa no Hatameki (翼のはためき?)
  • Partner
  • Fault!! (フォルト!! Foruto!!?)


  • Foundation X Kanzen-ban (FOUNDATION X 完全版?) (Stellvia of the Universe)
  • Unfinished (Princess Crown)
  • Kaburimon/Kaburimon 2/3 Kaburimon (カブリモン/カブリモン2/カブリモン3?) (Ragnarok Online)
  • Runar! (Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny)
  • Watashi wa Kyozetsu Suru! Kamo (わたしは拒絶するっ!かも?) (Bleach)
  • Yakiimo Barbeque (◯焼きバーベキュー?) (Zoids: Genesis)
  • Caladbolg (カラドボルグ Karadoborugu?) (Fate/stay night)
  • Entangle (エンタングルENTANGLE Entanguru?) (Zegapain)
  • Nekomimi Batoraa (ねこみみばとらあ?) (Hayate no Gotoku)
  • Kiteruyo! Takeuchi-kun (きてるよ!竹内くんっ?) (Bamboo Blade)
  • Nanto Iu Deculture! (なんというデカルチャー!?) (Macross Frontier)
  • Botan Nabe (ぼたん鍋?) (Clannad (visual novel))


  • Tony's Art Works Graph I to IV (Limited-edition release in Taiwan)



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