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Tomoko Taniguchi (たにぐち智子 Taniguchi Tomoko?) is a Japanese shōjo manga artist who was born in Hokkaidō, then spent a year in college at Ann Arbor, the University of Michigan.

Taniguchi's manga have been published by MB (My Birthday) in Japanese and by CPM Manga in English. She has published 9 volumes of manga total. Her first published manga was Anpan Balance, which won silver at the 4th Omacomi Manga School Contest. Anpan Balance was later released in the manga Let's Stay Together Forever; the title story of that book was her second published story.

Taniguchi and Matt Forbeck have helped write some of the books in the Complete Idiot's Guide to Drawing Manga Illustrated series, especially the Shoujo edition which includes her illustrations.

Partial bibliography

(dates are given: 1st date, Japanese Release, 2nd date, English release)

  • Let's Stay Together Forever (1989) (2003) : Tomoko Taniguchi's first published tankouban, published one year after her initial debut. She aimed the work at girls in their early teens or younger, and it's based loosely on memories from her own childhood. Let's Stay Together Forever is a collection of one-chapter stories about metal heads and the shy girls who they have relationships with.
  • Aquarium (?) (2001) : Aquarium is composed of two short stories, one about a shy girl who loves going to the aquarium and the other about a flight attendant.
  • Call Me Princess (?) (2003)
  • Princess Prince (?) (2003)
  • Popcorn Romance (?) (2003)
  • Just a Girl (2 Volumes) (?) (2004)
  • Miss Me? (?) (?)
  • Spellbound: The Magic of Love (2001)