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Tokyo Pig, known in Japan as Hare Tokidoki Buta (はれときどきぶた?), is a Japanese anime television series. The anime was based on a book titled Fair, then Partly Piggy (with the same original Japanese title as the book), written by Shiro Yadama and translated into English by Keith Holeman [1] [2].

Tokyo Pig is about a young boy (Noriyasu in the original version; Spencer in the English dub) and the adventures he has with his magic diary where anything he draws will come to life. In the first episode, "When Pigs Fly," he draws hundreds of flying pigs. As he experiences his first drawing coming to life, he tries to erase them all before his parents catch him. In his haste however, he misses one pig which becomes his pet, Sunny Pig (Harebuta).

When brought to the United States, it was renamed Tokyo Pig. It was also translated into Chinese and Tagalog (under the name Sunny Pig). It first aired in July, 1997 in Japan on TV Tokyo and later in September, 2002 in the United States on ABC Family. It was originally directed by Shinichi Watanabe and starred Koichi Yamadera as Yori-chan. The series ran for 61 episodes until October 1998.

Main characters

  • Noriyasu Hatakeyama (畠山 則安 Hatakeyama Noriyasu) / Spencer Weinberg-Takahama ("dee-an" in Filipino version)-
  • Harebuta (はれぶた) / Sunny Pig -
  • Mama (ママ) / Mom -
  • Papa (パパ) / Dad -
  • Tama-chan (玉ちゃん) / Dizzy Lizzy -
  • Announcer Yadama (矢玉アナ Yadama-ana) / The Weather Lady -

Other characters

  • Nabeshin (ナベシン) / Angus -
  • Onigiriyama (おにぎり山) / Eggman -
  • Kimiyo Hiraga (平賀 きみよ Hiraga Kimiyo) / Tiffany Van Hootenberg -
  • Musashikoganei (武蔵小金井) / Wigstaff -
  • Masako Sodefuri (袖振 マサコ Sodefuri Masako) / Sweater Girl -
  • Ms. Kazuko (和子先生 Kazuko-sensei) / Ms. Spelt -
  • The Principal (校長先生 Kōchō sensei) -
  • (黒矢玉) / Shadow Lady
  • Madamo (広飛優老婆) / Mrs. Tingly -
  • Kurobuta (クロブタ) / Dark Sunny -
  • Yamada-san (山田さん) / Wenworth -
  • Snow Queen -


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English version

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