Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd. (株式会社徳間書店 Kabushiki-gaisha Tokuma Shoten?) is a publisher in Japan, that was established in 1954.

The company was also the parent company for the film studio Daiei Motion Pictures, bought in 1974, and the record label Tokuma Japan Communications, bought in 1972, until both were sold off when Yasuyoshi Tokuma, who established this company, died in 2000.


The company was one of the largest entertainment publishers until the 1990s. Some of their products included music, computer and game software, movies (including anime), magazines, manga and books. One of their most famous subsidiaries was Studio Ghibli. In the late 1980s they reached an agreement with Streamline Pictures to dub Studio Ghibli films into English language for Japan Airlines' Trans-Pacific flights.

Founder Yasuyoshi Tokuma died on September 20, 2000, and the management inclined rapidly. In October of that same year, the company sold off Daiei Motion Pictures, Tokuma Japan Communications and the headquarters in Shiodome. Meanwhile, Studio Ghibli (that was absorbed temporarily as the anime section of Tokuma Shoten in 1999) also left from the group, and became an independent company again in 2005.

Tokuma Japan Communications was purchased by Daiichikosho in October 2001, and Daiei Motion Pictures was purchased by Kadokawa Shoten in November 2002.

Tokuma Shoten finished the arrangement of the debt by 2005, and is developing only the publication business now.

Tokuma Shoten translates Captain Underpants books into Japanese.



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