Tiger Mask II (タイガーマスク二世?) is a Japanese manga and adopted into an anime series aired from 1981 to 1982 as a sequel to Tiger Mask. The anime was quite popular with the Arabic speaking viewers and is sometimes considered one of the most popular Arabic dubbed anime in the 1990s.


Naoto the previous main character of Tiger Mask died while saving a child. The story begins with a new opponent called "Outer Space Mask" who bullies his way into the ring without representing any wrestling federation. Tatsuo Aku, once an orphan child from the "house of the children", was a fan of Naoto. He would put on his old hero's mask to become the new Tiger Mask.


The sequel changed the director and art style altogether compared to the original Tiger Mask. A new group of real life wrestlers make an appearance including Tatsumi Fujinami, Stan Hansen, Abdullah the Butcher, and André the Giant. Returning also from the previous series are Seiji Sakaguchi and Antonio Inoki. In this incarnation, Tiger Mask II wrestles now for New Japan Pro Wrestling since the Japan Wrestling Association of which Date's Tiger Mask wrestled for no longer existed during this time.


Director: Kozo Morishita, Shigenori yamauchi, Hideki Yakayama, Tomoharu Katsumata, Masayuki Akehi, Kazuo Yamazaki, Osamu Sekita

Design: Junichi Mayata

Screenwriter: Haruya Yamazaki

Animator: Tsukasa Abe


Name Voiced by
Tatsuo Aku Hideyuki Hori
Antonio Inoki Banjo Ginga
Armor Hassan Chikao Otsuka
Midori Ariyoshi Chiyoko Kawashima
Junko Tachibana Mami Koyama
Kazuya Tachibana Satomi Majima
Hinode Sports Desk Chikao Otsuka
Mr. Ishimatsu Kaneto Shiozawa
Mr. Saiga Hideyuki Tanaka
Mina Saiga Chisato Nakajima
Announcer/Narrator Kōji Yada


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