View of Mount Fuji from Satta Point in the Suruga Bay
Artist Hiroshige
Year 1859
Type woodcut

Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji (Japanese: 富士三十六景; Fuji Sanjū-Rokkei) is the title of two series of woodblock prints by the Japanese ukiyo-e artist Andō Hiroshige, depicting Mount Fuji in differing seasons and weather conditions from a variety of different places and distances. The 1852 series are in landscape orientation; the 1858 series are in portrait orientation. The same subject had previously been dealt with by Hokusai in two of his own series, Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji and One Hundred Views of Mount Fuji.



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The 1858 series of prints. These images are of modern facsimile prints made using the same techniques.

Image English title Japanese title
0 120px Table of contents
1 120px Ichikobu Bridge in the Eastern Capital Toto ichikobubashi
2 120px The Suruga District in the Eastern Capital Toto surugacho
3 120px Sukiyagahsi in the Eastern Capital Toto sukiyagashi
4 120px Off Tsukuda Island in the Eastern Capital Toto tsukudajima oki
5 120px Ochanomizu in the Eastern Capital Toto ochanomizu
6 120px Ryogoku in the Eastern Capital Toto ryogoku
7 120px The Sumida Embankment in the Eastern Capital Toto sumida tsutsumi
8 120px Mt. Asuka in the Eastern Capital Toto asukayama
9 120px The Teahouse with the View of Mt. Fuji at Zoshigawa Zoshigaya fujimi chaya
10 120px Twilight Hill at Meguro in the Eastern Capital Toto meguro yuhigaoka
11 120px Wild Goose Hill and the Tone River Konodai tonegawa
12 120px Koganei in Musashi Province Musashi koganei
13 120px The Tama River in Musashi Province Musashi tamagawa
14 120px Koshigaya in Musashi Province Musashi koshigaya zai
15 120px Noge and Yokohama in Musashi Province Musashi noge yokohama
16 120px Cherry Blossoms at Hommoku in Musashi Province Musashi hommoku no hana
17 120px The Sea off the Miura Peninsula in Sagami Province Soshu miura no kaijo
18 120px The Sagami River Sagamigawa
19 120px The Seven Ri Beach in Sagami Province Soshu shichirigahama
20 120px The Entrance gate at Enoshima in Sagami Province Soshu enoshima iriguchi
21 120px Lake at Hakone Hakone no kosui
22 120px The Izu Mountains Izu no sanchu
23 120px The Sea off Satta in Suruga Province Suruga satta Kaijo
24 120px The Pine Forest of Mio in Suruga Province Suruga mio no matsubara
25 120px Fuji on the left of the Tokaido Road Tokaido hidari fuji
26 120px The Oi River between Suruga and Totomi Provinces Sun en oigawa
27 120px Futami Bay in Ise Province Ise futamigaura
28 120px Lake Suwa in Shinano Province Shinshu suwa no mizuumi
29 120px Shiojiri Pass in Shinano Province Shinano shiojiritoge
30 120px Misaka Pass in Kai Province Kai misikagoshi
31 120px The Otsuki Plain in Kai Province Kai otsukigahara
32 120px Dog Eye Pass in Kai Province Kai inumetoge
33 120px Kogane Plain in Shimosa Province Shimosa koganehara
34 120px Kuroto Bay in Kazusa Province Kazusa kuroto no ura
35 120px Mt. Rokusu in Kazusa Province Kazusa rokusozan
36 120px The Hoda Coast in Awa Province Boshu hoda kaigan

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ar:مشاهد جبل فوجي الستة والثلاثين (هيروشيغه) pl:36 widoków na górę Fudżi (Hiroshige) ru:Тридцать шесть видов Фудзи (Хиросигэ) tr:36 Fuji Dağı Manzarası (Hiroshige)

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