The Wonderful Galaxy of Oz is a 1990 futuristic adaptation of the classic story The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. It was originally released in the 1990s in Japan as a television series, Space Oz no Bōken (スペースオズの冒険, Adventures of Space Oz), and consists of 26 episodes. The plot parallels the original but imposes a science fiction theme. The U.S. version is a highly truncated (76 minutes) and dubbed version of the original.


In the year 2060, eight-year-old Dorothy and her dog are mysteriously swept off their planet into the wonderful, magical Galaxy of Oz. An evil witch, Gloomhilda, once ruled the Galaxy through fear and terror but was driven out by the good Dr. Oz. Now, Gloomhilda has amassed an army on the outskirts of the galaxy and is preparing to win back her empire. Her sneak attack fails due to Dorothy's unexpected arrival.

However, Dr. Oz knows Gloomhilda will return. He has a plan which will free the Galaxy of the wickedness of Gloomhilda forever. Legend tells of three crystals, the Crystal of Love, the Crystal of Wisdom, and the Crystal of Courage. These crystals were spread throughout the Galaxy and lost hundreds of years ago.

According to the legend, whoever possesses all three crystals will rule the Galaxy of Oz for all Eternity. Under the guidance of Dr. Oz, Dorothy and an assortment of "heroes" set out to scour the Galaxy in search of the three magical crystals.


Main characters

  • Dorothy
  • Toto
  • Dr. Oz


  • Gloomhilda (Glumilda)



  • Opening Theme: To a Dream Adventure (夢の冒険へ Yume no bôken he?)
  • Ending Theme: Traveller of Light (光の旅人 Hikari no tabibito?) by Yukari Morikawa


  1. Dorothy Runs into the World of Oz
  2. King of Oz's Surprising Secret
  3. Crystal Empire Secret
  4. World's Cowardly Hero
  5. Sleeping Beauty of Mangabu
  6. Chopper's Heart
  7. Entrust Fashion to Me!
  8. Babby-Sitter Crisis
  9. Promise with Rockman Yabor
  10. Scrapia of Scrapper
  11. Grand Prix of Planet Car
  12. Dorothy's Santa Claus
  13. Chopper lover
  14. Escape from Planet Game
  15. Horror Birthday
  16. Planet Water Rescue Mission
  17. Toy Country War
  18. Monster Panic
  19. Crowded Amusement Park
  20. Planet that Father and I Defended
  21. Legend of Captain Garo
  22. Return to the Alherihit Hometown
  23. Film Star Glumilda
  24. Reunion with Doctor Oz
  25. Return of the Witch From the West
  26. Miracle of the Rainbow Crystal


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