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Tenchi Muyo! Bangai-hen: Galaxy Police Mihoshi's Space Adventure or Mihoshi Special (天地無用!番外編 宇宙刑事美星銀河大冒険 Tenchi Muyō! Bangai-hen: Uchū Keiji Mihoshi Ginga Daibōken?) is a special episode of the Tenchi Muyo! OAV series.

The special features the anime debut of Kiyone Makibi and Sasami's alter-ego, Pretty Sammy (the latter who made her debut in the Tenchi Muyo! drama CD, Tenchi Muyo! Special: Creation of the Universe Journey across Space-Time).


As usual, Mihoshi Kuramitsu was asleep on the deck of the house when everyone else (with the notable exception of Ryoko) was doing chores. After Ayeka questions Mihoshi's qualifications of being a Galaxy Policewoman, Mihoshi then tells the story of her and her partner Kiyone's greatest adventure... the "Ultra-Energy Matter" caper.

In the story, Mihoshi casts the Masaki household as the various characters in the story: Ryoko as the thief, Tenchi as a Galaxy Policeman, Ayeka as Tenchi's heiress fiancée, Sasami as an apprentice detective, Washu as a mad scientist (not a far stretch of the imagination), and Ryo-Ohki as... Ryo-Ohki. As the investigation progresses (not to mention romantic rivalies between "Ryoko" and "Ayeka"), the detectives stumble onto a plot to destroy the universe.


  • Background music/score was composed by Seikou Nagaoka.
  • Opening: Nemureru Engawa no Bijô [Sleeping Beauty on the Balcony] (Japanese version performed by Yuko Mizutani and Etsuko Kozakura, English version performed by Ellen Gerstell)
  • Ending: Mahô Shôjo PRETTY SAMMY [Pretty Sammy, the Magical Girl] (Japanese version performed by Chisa Yokoyama, English version performed by Sherry Lynn)

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