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Detects whether the current or the given namespace has subpages enabled. Returns "yes" if it does, and an empty string otherwise.

This template can be substituted.


  • {{ns has subpages}} → yes
  • {{ns has subpages|Template}} → yes
  • {{ns has subpages|Category}} → yes
  • {{ns has subpages|}} (main space) → yes
  • {{ns has subpages|{{ns:0}}}} (main space) → yes
  • {{ns has subpages|:}} (main space) → yes
  • {{ns has subpages|{{ns:Talk}}}} → yes

The template recognises namespaces which 'should' have subpages, but currently do not (see bug 18437; that is, pages in Category talk:, Help: and Help talk: namespaces. Full page names can be passed, with the obvious caveat that passing the article [[Template]] or [[Category]] is... inadvisable...

  • {{ns has subpages|Category talk}} → yes
  • {{ns has subpages|File:Foo}} → yes
  • {{ns has subpages|Foo}} → yes
  • {{ns has subpages|:Template}} → yes

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