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Template for reference to a memorial on the Find a Grave website.

Usage guidance

Care should be taken when deciding to make a link to the Find a Grave website. While photographs of gravestones provide useful information, the biographical and other additional details may not be reliable. If there are fully reliable sources which may be used, then the Find a Grave link should not be used, or should be removed in place of the more reliable source.

As an WP:External link

To comply with WP:ELNO, only place in External links section if the website contains unique information not already mentioned and cited in the body of the article and is not a WP:COPYLINK violation. Remove from External links if Find a Grave is already cited in main body, if burial information is provided in main body by a more reliable source, or if the page contains any unlicensed copyrighted information (e.g., professional portrait photography or copies of obituaries from a newspaper).

As a reference for article content

Find a Grave is not considered by some to qualify as a reliable source. Whenever appropriate reliable sources discuss the same material, editors are encouraged to prefer those to a Find a Grave link. If any of the parameters:

  • author
  • date
  • accessdate

are specified, this template will produce a citation with {{Cite web}}. Otherwise, it produces a format for use in an "External links" section. If used as a reference, it should not be duplicated in the "External links" section.


  • grid (parameter 1, required) – The Find A Grave Memorial# (the GRid parameter in the URL – e.g. 1234 for
  • name (parameter 2, optional) – The name of the deceased. Defaults to {{PAGENAME}} if not specified.
  • work (parameter for {{Cite web}}) – A group or category within the Find a Grave site
  • author (parameter for {{Cite web}}) – The original author of the article at Find a Grave
  • date (parameter for {{Cite web}}) – The date of the article at Find a Grave
  • accessdate (parameter for {{Cite web}}) – The date this citation was added or last updated


Basic example:

{{Find a Grave|1234|Henri Langlois}}


Henri Langlois at Find a Grave

This is an example using all of the parameters:

 <ref name="FG" >{{Find a Grave
 | grid       = 94078737
 | name       = Sally Kristen Ride
 | date       = July 23, 2012
 | accessdate = September 23, 2012
 | author     = Marc J. Daniluke
 | work       = American Astronaut

produces: [1]

  1. Marc J. Daniluke (July 23, 2012). "Sally Kristen Ride". American Astronaut. Find a Grave. Retrieved September 23, 2012. 

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