{{College Athlete Recruit Start
| 40  = insert "yes" if you want the '40 time' column to appear; used with football recruits
| collapse = insert "yes" if you want to add a collapsible table so the table is hidden by default
| year = if collapse is set to "yes" it added a header to the collapsible table; this adds the year to that header


Start template examples

Example 1

{{College Athlete Recruit Start|40=yes}}
Name Hometown High School Height Weight (lb) 40 Commit date

Example 2

{{College Athlete Recruit Start}}
Name Hometown High School Height Weight (lb) Commit date

Example 3

{{College Athlete Recruit Start|40=yes|collapse=yes|year=2007}}

Complete template examples

Name Hometown High School Height Weight (lb) 40 Commit date
John Doe
New York City, NY Laguardia HS 6′5″ 280 4.9 2007-01-08 
Scout:75px   Rivals:75px
Overall Recruiting Rankings:

‡ Refers to 40 yard dash
Note: In many cases, Scout and Rivals may conflict in their listings of height, weight and 40 time.
In these cases, an average of the two was taken. ESPN grades are on a 100 point scale.
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