Without any arguments, this template automatically categorizes pages to Category:Fictional character redirects to lists, a subcategory of Category:Redirects to list entries. However, an optional argument may be supplied to give the name of the fictional work the character is part of; this will sort the character in a category for that work. For example, {{CharR to list entry|The Simpsons}} will place the character redirection into Category:The Simpsons character redirects to lists.

A second optional argument can be provided to set the sorting name for the character in the categories. Without this, the page name will be used as the sort key in the categories.

Please note that the first time that the fictional-work-specific subcategory is used, that category should itself be categorized in Category:Fictional character redirects to lists by adding [[Category:Fictional character redirects to lists]] to the work-specific category page. If the work-specific category appears as a red link on the redirection page, this step needs to be performed. Additionally, it is recommended to include {{Redirect category}} to the top of the work-specific category page to identify the category as a redirect category.

Links to list entries should use this redirect and should not be piped with the target pagename. This allows "what links here" to be used to identify the links to the individual sections.

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