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{{anime music}} is a modular template used to create a table to display Opening and Closing themes in anime.


{{Anime music/OP}}

{{Anime music|number|Song name|[[Song performer]]|episode span}}

{{Anime music/ED}}

{{Anime music|number|Song name|[[Song performer]]|episode span}}

{{Anime music/End}}

Optional usage

The color, kanji and tl parameters are optional for each line in {{Anime music}}

color - specifies the background color of the line. This allows for alternating colors for each line which improves readability or color coding lines for different seasons.

kanji - this is passed to the {{Nihongo}} template as the second parameter which is used for kanji characters. (You cannot call Nihongo directly inside the Anime music template due to technical limitations)

tl - (Transliteration or translation) this is passed to the {{Nihongo}} template as the third parameter. The extra 4th and 5th parameters of Nihongo are not supported.



{{Anime music/OP}}

{{Anime music| |Egao no Genki|[[SMAP]]|All}}

{{Anime music/ED}}

{{Anime music|1|Bura Bura Sasete|SMAP|1-31}}

{{Anime music|2|Hajimete no Natsu|SMAP|32-53|color=ffffff}}

{{Anime music|3|Kimi wa Kimi da yo|SMAP|54-61}}

{{Anime music/End}}


Opening themes
# Transcription/Translation Performed by Episodes
Egao no Genki SMAP All
Ending themes
# Transcription/Translation Performed by Episodes
1 Bura Bura Sasete SMAP 1-31
2 Hajimete no Natsu SMAP 32-53
3 Kimi wa Kimi da yo SMAP 54-61

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I like this template a lot, but what about for Japanese text? Also, the blue bars seem too prominent to me. They should be made lighter or smaller or both. And finally, should there be the stanard v-d-e links on the template? --Wirbelwindヴィルヴェルヴィント (talk) 18:07, 14 March 2007 (UTC)

This template was merely copied from edits that User:Zeta26 made to Kiba (anime). As of March 2007 very few pages are using it. Changing the default colors is fine by me, by all means choose a ligher shade of blue and resize them if you wish. If you feel that there needs to be a separate column for Japanese text then create it (and make sure it works properly of course). As for the v-d-e links, you could add them to the first template {{Anime music/OP}} and that would look fine, but this is a modular template, so what is the point? It would be like adding the v-d-e links to {{Infobox animanga}}. --Squilibob 06:46, 19 March 2007 (UTC)
Yea, the part about the v-d-e links is correct; it'd be better to leave them out. As for the template itself, I'm going to play around with it a little bit and see what people think. --Wirbelwindヴィルヴェルヴィント (talk) 07:05, 19 March 2007 (UTC)
I have added support for Japanese text by just passing parameters through to Nihongo. Some pages look fine with the Japanese characters without the need for Nihongo formatting, so I have left them alone. I have resized the titles. It's looking less and less like the page it was copied from now. I think the blue in the titles looks better since I changed the default color of the lines to a lightblue (the bgcolor from monobook) from a grey. Tweak it some more if you like. --Squilibob 08:36, 20 March 2007 (UTC)