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Tekkonkinkreet (鉄コン筋クリート Tekkon Kinkurīto?, a child's mispronunciation of "Tekkin Konkurito" (steel reinforced concrete) [1] is a 2006 feature-length Japanese anime film, directed by Michael Arias and animated by Studio 4°C, adapted from the three-volume seinen manga series of the same name by Taiyō Matsumoto, which was originally serialized in North America between October 1998 and April 2000 in Shogakukan's Big Comic Spirits and first published in English as Tekkonkinkreet: Black & White.[2][3] It was first released in Japan on December 23, 2006.[4] The story takes place in the fictional Treasure Town and centers on a pair of orphaned street kids - the tough, canny Black and the childish, innocent White, together known as the Cats - as they deal with yakuza attempting to take over the city of Treasure Town. The manga was released in North America on October of 1998 and was re-released on September 25, 2007 as a compilation of three comics in one.


In Treasure Town, orphans Black and White rule the mean streets through violence and terror. These lost boys are direct opposites: Black being a streetwise punk who embodies everything wrong about the city, while White is a innocent dope, out of touch with the world around him. They're on the quest to prevent a yakuza plot to turn this city into a amusement park. Together, they're unstoppable as they take on petty thugs, religious fanatics and brutal yakuza. But when a corporation called "Kiddy Kastle" tries to tear down and rebuild Treasure Town to fit its own goals, the boys must save the soul of their beloved city, that is if they can save themselves from inner demons.


Tekkon Kinkreet won the prestigious Best Film Award at the 2006 Mainichi Film Awards.[5] It was also named Barbara London's top film of 2006 in the annual "Best of" roundup by the New York Museum of Modern Art's Artforum magazine.[6] In 2008, it received 'best original story' and 'best art direction' from the Tokyo International Anime Fair[7]. It won the 2008 Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year.[8]


Character Theatrical version Video version
Black Kazunari Ninomiya Scott Menville
White Yu Aoi Kamali Minter
Suzuki aka Rat Min Tanaka David Lodge
Kimura Yusuke Iseya Rick Gomez
Chocola Nao Omori Alex Fernandez
Snake Masahiro Motoki
Dawn Yukiko Tamaki Yuri Lowenthal
Fujimura Tomomichi Nishimura Maurice LaMarche
Kimura's Wife Kate Higgins
Sawada Kankuru Kudo
The Alien Assassins Uncredited
Vanilla Yoshinori Okada
Gamers* Morisanchuu
Gramps Naya Rokuro
The Doctor* Steven Jay Blum
  • - Minor Role


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