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Tatakae!! Ramenman (闘将!!拉麺男?, "Fight!! Ramenman"), also known as Lomien Man[1], is a manga authored by the duo of Yudetamago that was serialized in Shueisha's Fresh Jump magazine from June 1982 to December 1988 (concluding along with the cancellation of the magazine itself). The title is a spin-off of the authors' previous work, Kinnikuman, centering around the character of Ramenman, who travels the land to fight various enemies. Like its predecessor, it was adapted into an anime version by Toei Animation, which spans a 35-episode television series that aired on Nippon Television in 1988 and a theatrical film. A video game for the Family Computer was published by Bandai in 1988.

Since the Ramenman in this series seems to have no direct connection to Kinnikuman's Ramenman, it is assumed that this series follows an alternate continuity. There is also the belief that this Ramenman is supposed to be the ancestor of Kinnikuman's Ramenman.


Set in a land where several martial arts styles collide, including (but not limited to) Chinese Kung Fu, Japanese Karate, and South Korean Taekwondo. Yet amongst these Shaolin-trained fighters and men powerful enough to cut the face of a mountain, Victory Ramenman is said to be the strongest of them all. At a young age, he witnessed his father Somenman being murdered by members of the Cobra Gang (who are still running rampant to this day). Found and taken in by the wise old Chen Sou-Mei, Ramenman trains for 12 years under his master and learns the great Essential Battle Dragon (闘龍極意書, To Ryuu Gokui Sho) style of Choujin Martial arts. Now, with his young sidekick Shao-Mai, Ramenman travels the land seeking vengeance for his father, fighting several villains along the way.

Cast of Characters


Born in Onikobe Village, Henan, China. At a young age he witnessed his father, the great martial artist Somenman, murdered by the infamous Cobra Gang. While the rest of his family was killed, he was thrown down a ravine. He survived and was soon found by Chén Zōng-Míng, who took him under his wing and trained him in the ways of Choujin Martial arts so that he could one day avenge his family. 12 years later his training is complete, so Chén Zōng-Míng places the Chuu () mark on his forehead and rechristens him "Victory Ramenman". He then gave him the "Essential Battle Dragon" scroll and set him off into the world.
Techniques: Mouko Hyappo Ken (猛虎百歩拳, Hundred Tiger Fist?), Rekka Taiyou Kyaku (烈火太陽脚, Ranged Solar Kick?), Rakuyou Kurenai Kyaku (落陽紅脚, Crimson Sunset Kick?), Meidatsu Houkai Ken (命奪崩壊拳, Life Stealing Crumbling Fist?), Zukotsu Kirimomi Kyaku (頭骨錐揉脚, Spinning Skull Kick?)
Ramenman's young sidekick. Ramenman saved him from some thugs and, after learning that he too had lost his family to the Cobra Gang, allowed him to travel with him. Although he behaves childishly and gets in Ramenman's way at times, he is actually quite knowledgeable in martial arts and even occasionally gives Ramenman advice.
Techniques: Kaiten Ryuu-bi Kyaku (回転龍尾脚, Spinning Dragontail Kick?), Rekka Taiyou Kyaku (烈火太陽脚, Ranged Solar Kick?)
  • Chén Zōng-Míng (陳宗明, Chin Sō-Mei?) Voiced by: Ichirō Nagai
Ramenman's master and the 102nd successor of the Choujin Martial Arts. Taught Ramenman the Essential Battle Dragon Style. Often referred to as Chin-Rōshi (陳老師). He shows up again from time-to-time, sometimes out of nowhere or from unusual places (frequently startling Ramenman in the process). In his younger days, he traveled the land exterminating villains.
Techniques: Chen-ke Shini Hachi Gou Ken - Ryuu-Hou Take Tonbou (陳家心意八合拳・龍鳳竹敦棒, Chen Family Mind 8 Fists - Dragon-Phoenix Bamboo Staff?)
Ramenman's younger sister. Believed to have been killed during the Cobra Gang attack, the two are reunited several years later. She was found and raised by a kind old carpenter in Onikobe Village. She currently works as part of a traveling entertainment party, showing up again every now-and-then.
An anime original character who works as a ramen cart operator. Apparently based on the Kyonshi.
An anime original character. She is the leader of the Mápó Troupe (マーボー一座, Mābō Ichiza?) and the adoptive mother of both La Niang and Takenoko. Her name appears to come from Mapo doufu.
An anime original character. A performer in the Mápó Troupe, she is La Niang's adopted older sister. Like La Niang, she too has a long lost older brother (later revealed to be Kinnikuken Banboro). Her name means bamboo shoot.
  • Lǚ Lào-Bǐng (呂烙餅, Roraopin?) Voiced by: Hiroko Emori
The young emperor of China.
Ramenman's father. He and his family were killed by the Cobra Gang when Ramenman was a kid.
  • Dokuroken Gundam (毒狼拳蛾蛇虫?) Voiced by: Yusaku Yara
A martial artists who challenges Ramenman to a duel but loses his left arm after attacking him with a sword when he loses. He dips his right arm in a bowl of poison for several days, transforming it into the secret Dokushu (毒手, Poison Fist?). He fights Ramenman again and nearly kills him with a touch from his Dokushu, but Ramenman recovers and fights him again, defeating him with the Daketsu Santen Kuzushi (打穴三点崩し, Three Weak Points Strike?). When he falls over he accidentally touches himself with the Dokushu, killing himself. However, he somehow returns to life and becomes a strong ally of Ramenman's. In Volume 5 he regains his left arm with no explanation.
To avoid sounding like Mobile Suit Gundam, his name was changed to Dokuroken Gadamu (独狼拳蛾蛇夢?) in the anime.
Techniques: Dokushu, Kurenai Senri Taka (紅千里鷹, Crimson Long Range Hawk?), Kyoudoku Senri Taka (凶毒千里鷹, Vile Poisonous Long Range Hawk?)
A user of the Sandan Ryuusei Kyaku (散弾流星脚, Blasting Ryusei Kick?) which is said to surpass Choujin Kenpo, he carrys around a large bottle on his back that he throws into the air and shatters with a kick, causing the broken fragments to attack his enemies. He would use this strength to attack villages, but when he kills Gyoza's father, Gyoza receives training from Ramenman and eventually defeats Hogan. Afterwards he reforms and reappears as one of Ramenman's comrades. He has also become a ceramic craftsman in order to make more bottles. He is frequently killed and his Sandan Ryuusei Kyaku is defeated, only to repeatedly return later without any explanation.
Techniques: Senpuu Kyaku (旋風脚, Whirlwind Kick?), Tosa Ryuumon Hou (飛刺竜門砲, Flying Piercing Gateway Cannon?), Hakumo Abato (撥雲暴頭, Rejected Cloud Headbutt?), Ryuusei Endan Kyaku (流星炎弾脚, Ryusei Flame Kick?)
  • Muay Thai Chūchai (ムエタイ チューチャイ?) Voiced by: Hideyuki Hori
A powerful Muay Thai user. In order to feed his starving siblings he participates in Emperor Wan's tournament and meets Ramenman. He appears again as one of Ramenman's comrades and is one of the few to start out as an ally instead of a rival. He possesses the Nikutai Menuki Katana (肉体麺打斬刀, Noodle Body Blade?) which chops up enemies bodies like ramen noodles, but he is only ever shown using it once.
Techniques: Charanbō (チャランボー?), Spinning Scarecrow of Siam (シャムの回転案山子, Shamu no Kaiten Kakashi?), L Express to Chiang Mai (チェンマイL特急, Chen Mai Eru Tokkyuu?), Yashi Wari Batto (椰子割り抜刀, Palm Tree Splitting Unsheathing?), Sayuu Kumo Ken (左右雲拳, Left and Right Cloud Fist?), Chūchai San-dan Keri (チューチャイ三段蹴り, Chūchai's Third Rank Kick?), Emerald Rocket (エメラルドロケット?)
Homeland: Fujian, China. He is the emperor's dog deliverer and he uses this position to frequently push around and rob the villagers of Keika Village (荊華村, Keika-son?). He is actually a childhood friend of Ramenman's and used to love playing with animals. However, he has lost his kind heart and is eventually defeated by Ramenman. From then on he appears as one of Ramenman's allies. He is also the one who controls Ramenman Robo. Real name: Pākōmen (パーコーメン?).
Techniques: Gansairyuu Hibyou (岩砕拉飛抓, Rock Breaking Flying Claw?), Shoukoku Rougoku (傷刻牢獄, Slashing Prison?)
  • Ramenman Robo (拉麺男鑞暴)

Main Villains

Tosatsuki Gyokuō (屠殺鬼玉王?)
(VA: Kenji Utsumi)
  • Fuki (歩鬼?)
(VA: Kazumi Tanaka).
  • Kōki (香鬼?)
(VA: Masato Hirano).
  • Keiki (桂鬼?)
(VA: Hirohiko Kakegawa).
  • Kakuei (角栄?)
(VA: Daisuke Gōri).
  • Hiryū (飛龍?)
(VA: Masato Hirano).
  • Kinki (金鬼?)
(VA: Michitaka Kobayashi).
Kage (?)
  • Dogūman (土偶人?)
(VA: Daisuke Gōri).
  • Ramenman Killer (拉麺男・鬼鑼悪?)
(VA: Daisuke Gōri).
  • Fūyōhai (芙蓉蟹?)
(VA: Ikuya Sawaki).
Gomuken Chōryū (護夢拳跳竜?)
(VA: Masaharu Satō).
Nihitō Kō'ō (二飛刀黄鶯?)
(VA: Kan Tokumaru).
Gurenken Enryū (紅蓮拳炎劉?)
(VA: Masato Hirano).
Enrinken Menki (円輪剣面鬼?)
(VA: Kazuo Oka).
  • Robokenshin (鑞暴剣神?)
Gōrikishō Kongō (強力掌金剛?)
(VA: Yūji Mikimoto).
Ō Pa (鍋巴?)
  • Ramenman Ranbō (拉麺男・懢蝱?)

Other Villains

Three Cobra Brothers (毒蛇三兄弟, Kobura San Kyoudai?)
  • Jango (蛇五?)
(VA: Kōji Totani).
  • Jamu (蛇六?)
(VA: Kazumi Tanaka).
  • Janku (蛇九?)
(VA: Hiroshi Ohtake).
Mercury Chāshāomen (魔鬼幽利偉・叉焼男, Mākyurii Chaashūmen?)
(VA: Takaya Hashi).
  • Kinkaku (金角?)
(VA: Yūji Mikimoto).
  • Ginkaku (銀角?)
(VA: Masaharu Satō).
King Kong Brody (筋具金具・武狼帝, Kingu Kongu Burodi?)
(VA: Tesshō Genda). Parody of King Kong Bundy and Bruiser Brody.
Kokushoku Maō (黒色魔王?)
(VA: Kiyoshi Kobayashi).
Emperor Wáng (王皇帝, Wan Kōtei?)
(VA: Kōji Totani).
Andre (暗奴隷, Andore?)
(VA: Daisuke Gōri). Parody of André the Giant
Kinnikuken Banboro (筋肉拳・蛮暴狼?)
Real name: Zā Sai (ザーサイ?). A man who once trained with Ramenman and know holds a grudge against him. In the manga he only showed up once, but in the anime he becomes a recurring character.
  • Ton (?), Chin (?), Kan (?), and Menma (メンマ?)
(VA: Kōzō Shioya, Michitaka Kobayashi, Daisuke Gōri, Masato Hirano). Banboro's gang.
  • Gyakusatsuken Zanba (虐殺拳斬馬?)
  • Seiryūdōjutsu Kimara (青竜刀術鬼魔羅?)
  • Bangbangji (棒棒士?)
The Three Evil Men from the Jikinmon (地禁門三悪人, Jikinmon San Akunin?)
  • Kinjishiken Kinryū (金獅子拳金龍?)
(VA: Banjō Ginga).
    • Cross (クロス?)
(VA: Toku Nishio).
  • Fujimidō Byakuryū (不死身胴白龍?)
(VA: Kōji Totani).
    • Bukiman (武器男?)
    • Munta (ムンタ?)
(VA: Toku Nishio).
    • Annin (杏仁?)
(VA: Noriko Tsukase).
  • Jūjiken Kokuryū (十字拳黒龍?)
(VA: Chikao Ōtsuka).
Ming Sonchō (明村長?)
(VA: Seizō Katō).
  • Shiranui Tame'emon (不知火為右ェ門?)
(VA: Shōzō Iizuka).
Master Sodom (咀怒謀大王, Sodomu Daiō?)
(VA: Chikao Ōtsuka).
Master Gommorah (蜈喪鑼大王, Gomora Daiō?)
(VA: Yū Shimaka).
Ryūgaken Magnum (龍牙拳・魔颶拏謀?)
(VA: Daisuke Gōri).

Other Characters

Pitan (比丹)
(VA: Yoshitada Ōtsuka).
Leila (麗羅)
(VA: Hiromi Tsuru).
Kassatsujizaiken Jackie Lee (括殺自在拳ジャッキー・李)
(VA: Bin Shimada).
Karasukenpō Harusame (鴉群拳法春雨)
(VA: Ikuya Sawaki).
Barbara (羽薔薇)
(VA: Chieko Honda).


Broadcasted: January 10~September 11, 1988, Broadcast Time: Every Sunday from 10:30~11:00 on NTV. 35 Episodes. From March to July 2008 reruns of the show were aired on the Toei Channel.


  • Original Author: Yudetamago
  • Planning: Kazuo Shimamura, Yoshio Takami, Kyoutarou Kimura, Hidehiko Takei
  • Producer: Masahisa Saeki
  • Writing: Haruya Yamazaki, Kenji Terada
  • Series Director: Masayuki Akihi
  • Other Directors: Yasuo Yamayoshi, Takeshi Shirato, Takashi Kuoka, others
  • Character Design: Yasuhiro Yamaguchi
  • Background Art Design: Makoto Sakamoto
  • Music: Keiichi Oku

Theme Songs

  • Opening: Kagayake! Ramenman (輝け!ラーメンマン, Shine! Ramenman?)
  • Ending: Kibou e no Tabi (希望への旅, The Hopeful Journey?)

Both are performed by Junichiro Oda.


  • Tatakae!! Ramenman: Released July 23, 1988 by Toei Manga Matsuri.


  • Tatakae!! Ramenman Sakuretsu Choujin Hyakuni Gei (闘将!!拉麺男 炸裂超人一〇二芸, Fight!! Ramenman: The Explosive 102 Choujin Attacks?)

Released August 10, 1988 by Bandai. Available on Famicom.


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