Takeshi Kusao (草尾 毅 Kusao Takeshi?) is a seiyū who was born on November 20, 1965 in Saitama. He works for Aoni Production.

Among his many roles, he is best known as the voices of Future Trunks (Dragon Ball Z), Hanamichi Sakuragi (Slam Dunk), Lamune (NG Knight Lamune & 40), Ryo Sanada (Ronin Warriors), Cless Alvein (Tales of Phantasia), Yukimura Sanada (Sengoku Musou/Samurai Warriors), and Dororo (Sgt. Frog).


  • Bloodtype: B
  • Height: 165 cm
  • Weight: 63 kg
  • Hobbies: Volleyball, swimming[1][2]
  • Currently Affiliated with Aoni Production
  • First role in tokusatsu: Kabutack of B-Robo Kabutack
  • Works much with seiyu Kazuki Yao (Lamune, Kabutack, Sgt. Keroro, etc)


  • Following his debut in the anime film Akira as the character Kai, Kusao has lent his voice to many anime shows, games, drama CDs and commercials. Characters who are young and have a strong sense of justice (Parn, Lamune, Trunks) are notable. In addition, there is a reputation where Kusao plays characters strongly associated with the real-life samurai Yukimura Sanada (like Sanada Ryo, this includes game model Yukimura of Sengoku Musou [Americanized as "Samurai Warriors"]).
  • He has been cast at least two times with Ryō Horikawa, where they voice characters who are biologically related to each other. The first instance is in Dragon Ball Z, where Horikawa voices Vegeta and Kusao voices Vegeta's son Trunks as a teenager and adult; the second one is Langrisser I & II, where Kusao voices Langrisser II's protagonist Elwin, who is revealed to be a direct descendant of Langrisser I's protagonist, voiced by Horikawa. On May 20, 2015, Kusao married fellow voice actress Yuka Saitō.


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  • Rakuen ~Fanatic~ (D.N.Angel, D.N.Angel OST CD) (introduction theme for Krad, also voiced by Kusao)
  • RAINY LAZY MORNING (Yoroiden Samurai Troopers, BEST FRIENDS CD)
  • ODYSSEY (Record of Lodoss War, OST Volume III)
  • Kiyoku Tadashiku Kabutakku (B-Robo Kabutack Opening Theme)
  • Kusao also sang one of the voices in ABARERO!(Let's Rage!), in InuYasha along with Ai Orikasa(Jakotsu's voice actress).


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