Takaya Kuroda (黒田崇矢 Kuroda Takaya?), born April 17, 1965 in Tokyo, Japan is a male seiyū, narrator and actor. He is affiliated with the Bungaku Company, formerly with Mausu Promotion and Aoni Production. He is currently a member of 81 Produce.

He is best known for his astringent and amorous bass voice, which has usually seen him cast in villainous roles such as the voice of Yaiba in GoGo Sentai Boukenger. He is best known to western audiences for providing the voice of Kazuma Kiryu, the protagonist of the Yakuza series. Because of his vocal resemblance to the late Hirotaka Suzuoki, he was chosen to replace Suzuoki as the voice of Starscream in Transformers: Cybertron as Suzuoki's health deteriorated. On the other hand, he was not chosen to take over Suzuoki's role as Sakaki (known to Western audiences as Giovanni) of Pokémon, Kenta Miyake taking over the role instead.

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