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Super Dog Rilienthal (賢い犬リリエンタール Kashikoi Ken Ririentāru?) is a manga series by Daisuke Ashihara. The first chapter was published in English on the website of Shueisha's Shonen Jump online manga collection.[1] The series ran in the Japanese Weekly Shonen Jump. In the series, the Hino family picks up their "little brother" from the airport. The "brother" turns out to be Rilienthal, an intelligent dog who speaks Japanese.


  • Rilienthal (リリエンタール Ririentāru?) - The protagonist of this manga series. A 4 year old, intelligent dog who speaks very polite Japanese and who live at Hino family as their younger brother. He is also the target of men in black suit from a mysterious organization. They refer him as RD-1.
  • Tetsuko Hino (日野 てつこ Hino Tetsuko?) - 11 year old daughter of Hino family.
  • Big brother Hino (日野・兄 Hino-ani?) - 15 year old son of the Hino family.
  • Saotome (早乙女?)
  • Yuki Harunaga (春永 雪 Harunaga Yuki?) - 12 years old. A friend of Tetsuko.
  • Sakura Harunaga (春永 桜 Harunaga Sakura?) - 12 years old. A friend of Tetsuko and Yuki's twin brother.
  • Aya Usami (宇佐美 文 Usami Aya?) - 11 years old. She has a crush on Sakura.


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