Super Dimension Century Orguss (超時空世紀オーガス Chōjikū Seiki Ōgasu?) is an anime science fiction series. It inspired an OVA sequel series called Super Dimension Century Orguss 02. Orguss was the second part of The Super Dimension trilogy from Big West, preceded by The Super Dimension Fortress Macross and then followed by The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross.[1][2][3]

Orguss was not localized in the United States as part of Robotech as Southern Cross and Macross were. Instead, the anime Genesis Climber Mospeada was used as the third segment of Robotech. Additionally, these three series are not sequels, prequels, or even in the same story universe as one another. They do share "The Super Dimension" moniker in their titles and were presented by Big West. That was the only connection that each of the Super Dimension shows had with each other.

Of the Orguss' 35 episodes, only 17 of them were available in English in dub-only format in the early 1990s on video tape from U.S. Renditions, before the majority of the company's shows (excluding Orguss) were bought up by Manga Entertainment. Manga Entertainment did however release Orguss 02 on both video tape and DVD.

On April 16, 2007, ImaginAsian announced that they would broadcast Super Dimension Century Orguss on ImaginAsian TV, and would thereafter give the series its first complete North American DVD release, with the first 17 episodes also having the old U.S. Renditions dub.[4]

Basic synopsis

File:Orguss small.jpg

The Orguss.

The year is 2065. The world is at war. The two superpowers clash over the space elevator. Far more dangerous than atomic, biological, or chemical weapons are dimensional weapons, such as the Space/Time Oscillation Bomb. Despite the tremendous power of this bomb, it must be armed on-site by a team of engineers.

Desperately, the Freedom Space Corps launch an offensive to plant a Space/Time Oscillation Bomb and destroy the space elevator. During this attack, the engineers are forced to abort the mission and destroy the bomb before it can be properly armed. Enraged at the decision to abort and feeling that his comrades have died in vain, brash fighter pilot Kei Katsuragi haphazardly arms the bomb with severe repercussions.

A dimensional explosion transports Kei and his Bronco 2 variable fighter to another world. There he is pursued for unknown reasons by the militaristic Chilam and aided by the Gypsie-like Emaan. Both sides have some unknown interest in Kei referring to him as a "Tokuiten" (特異点?, lit. "singular point"). Originally translated by US Renditions as "Differentiated Idioblast", it is more properly translated as "Singularity". In the ImaginAsian version, it has been translated as an "Idiosyncratic Point".[5]

After Kei's fighter is damaged during a fight the Emaan modify it into the Orguss, the titular mecha from the series.[6]


Crew of the Glomar

Kei Katsuragi (桂木桂 Katsuragi Kei?)
Voiced by: Shō Hayami
Second Lieutenant of the Freedom Space Corps. Age 20. He was assigned on a mission to escort and provide cover to a group of engineers who were arming the Space/Time Oscillation Bomb in order to destroy the Space Elevator. When circumstances force the mission to abort, Kei decides to properly arm the Space/Time Oscillation Bomb himself. This resulted with Kei being transported 20 years into the future, where he is found by a group of tradesfolk from Emaan, believing him to be the Idiosynchratic Point. Aside from being a formidable pilot, Kei is also a womanizer, having several different girlfriends which he dates alternately before he met the Emaans, in which he begins a new romantic relationship with Mimsy. Even in his relationship with Mimsy, Kei still tends to flirt with any other woman that catches his eye.
Mimsy Laaz (ミムジィ・ラース Mimujī Rāsu?)
Voiced by: Run Sasaki/Kumi Sakuma (Super Robot Wars series)
A 16 year old Emaan girl. In the Glomar, she serves as the Vice-Captain and provides battle info and tactics. Her interest in Kei at first was because he is the Idiosynchratic Point and thus was given orders by her family to return him to the Emaan country. As the series progresses, she begins to develop romantic feelings for Kei, even though she is engaged to Slay in order to bear children as she is at the peak of her fertility (see Shaya Thoov). Mimsy also acts as Kei's guide in learning the culture of the Emaans. Her family, along with Shaya's family, runs the Emaan country.
Shaya Thoov (シャイア・トーブ Shaia Tōbu?)
Voiced by: Kumiko Takizawa
Captain of the Glomar, she is also the head supervisor in the ship's marketing business as well as the Chief Operator of the Glomar's controls. Upon discovering Kei as an Idiosynchratic Point by Jabby, she is given orders to deliver Kei to the Emaan homeland as soon as possible. Shaya follows faithfully the Emaan customs and culture. Among those customs is dressing and taking baths even with men present and never being shy about it, which gives Kei an uncomfortable position of being a pervert when he and Shaya are together (this is because of the Emaan's biological nature as Emaan women lose their fertility at age 18, which at that point they are no longer courted by Emaan men and are considered no longer as 'females'). Her family, along with Mimsy's family, runs the Emaan country.
Mome (モーム Mōmu?)
Voiced by: Sanae Miyuki
An android in the appearance of a little girl whom Kei bought from a small village. Her primary program is to faithfully serve the person who bought her, which in this case, was Kei. She is from the Mu race, a civilization known for its advanced machinery. Having a sophisticated AI, Mome possesses a variety of skills from cooking to nursing to repairing the Orguss with ease. Despite being an android, Mome is capable of expressing emotion and openly expresses her love for Kei and dreaming to be his wife.
Jabby (ジャビー Jabī?)
Voiced by: Banjō Ginga
A dragon-like talking creature of the Glomar crew who came from an alternate Earth. Jabby appears having brown skin, large hind legs, long arms with three fingers, a tail, and a long neck. Jabby's tail is capable of detecting any dimensional activity nearby and thus allows him to sense Kei as an Idiosynchratic Point. It was him that proposed the name "Orguss" on Kei's newly built unit, named after the war god of his world.[7]
Slay (スレイ Surei?)
Voiced by: Kōichi Hashimoto
Mimsy's fiancé. Slay serves as the secondary operator of the Glomar whenever Shaya takes a break or if the ship is not on auto-pilot. Slay highly dislikes Kei, blaming him for all the trouble and loss of the Glomar's crewmembers from the Chilam because of his status as a Tokuiten. Slay also dislikes Kei for forming a romantic relationship with Mimsy, making them rivals for her affections.
Maaie & Lieea (マーイ & リーア Māi & Rīa?)
Voiced by: Kiyomi Hanasaki (Maaie), Chika Sakamoto (Lieea)
Twin sisters and the only members of the Glomar crew who are fighter pilots, aside from Kei. The Morabbas are the sisters' personal Drifand Class ships.
Goovu (ゴーヴ Gōvu?)
Voiced by: Kōichi Kitamura
The oldest member of the Glomar crew. His primary role in the ship is to negotiate with customers, persuading them to purchase whatever items the Glomar is selling. When asking for the name of Kei's newly built unit, he proposed the name 'Gamon'. He forms a close relationship with Kei.
Leeg (リーグ Rīgu?)
Voiced by: Takao Ōyama
Chief Engineer of the Glomar who oversaw the building of the Orguss. Like Slay, Leeg blames Kei for the Chiram's attempt to pursure the Glomar and the death of some of its crewmembers. However, upon learning of Kei's role as an Idiosynchratic Point, he accepts him as part of the crew.
Papty (パプティ Paputi?)
Voiced by: Yumi Takada
Papty is a mother of two Emaan children and is often seen raising them. Her husband is killed in the first Chiram attack on the Glomar. When she is not raising her children, she works by providing maintenance and repairs to the Orguss and the Glomar. In one episode, she is seen putting her two children to sleep while simultaneously firing the Glomar's Machine Guns against enemy units.
Taii (大尉 Taii?)
Voiced by: Yūsaku Yara
A Mu fighting robot. Taii's remains were recovered and later was rebuilt by Mome. Taii has a personality of an old veteran soldier and strictly observes the combat tactics in his programming, which makes him a nuisance to most of the crew. Taii is equipped with multiple missiles in his chest that gives him enough firepower to destroy a Chiram unit. His name means "Captain" in Japanese.

The Chirams

Robert (ロベルト Roberuto?)
Voiced by: Takkō Ishimori
Captain of the Chiram Army. Upon learning of the Idiosynchratic Point's appearance, he begins his campaign on capturing Kei, but fails due to Kei's ability as a pilot and his Orguss. Robert's repeated failures resulted with the Chiram assigning someone else to capture Kei, and putting his rank in jeopardy. This drives Robert to capture Kei by any means necessary.
Henry Staiger (ヘンリー・スタイガー Henrī Sutaigā?)
Voiced by: Kazuo Hayashi
Lieutenant of the Chiram Army and Robert's right-hand man.
Athena Henderson (アテナ・ヘンダーソン Atena Hendāson?)
Voiced by: Masako Katsuki
Ace pilot of the Chiram and Kei's rival in combat. Age 20. Her skills as a fighter pilot equally match those of Kei's thanks to her intensive training from her mentor, Olson D. Verne. She has made it her personal goal to defeat Kei and deliver him to the Chiram. Unbeknownest to her, Kei is actually her biological father.
Olson D. Verne (オルソン・D・ヴェルヌ Oruson Dī Verunu?)
Voiced by: Hirotaka Suzuoki/Kenyū Horiuchi (Super Robot Wars series)
Kei's best friend and Wingman in the Freedom Space Corps. He and Kei were together during the mission to destroy the Space Elevator. Like Kei, Olson was sent to the future. Upon his arrival, he met Tina and promised her that he will find Kei. Olson then joined the Chiram army and is assigned to pursue the Idiosynchratic Point, which he did not know was Kei himself. It is revealed that Olson is the second Idiosynchratic Point and that he and Kei are needed to restore the different worlds back to their former state. He also trained Athena in becoming Chiram's ace pilot. His name was created as a tribute to actor Orson Welles and Science Fiction writer Jules Verne.
Jeffrey Wright (ジェフリー・ホワイト Jefurī Howaito?)
Voiced by: Yasuo Muramatsu
Leader of the Chiram. Determined to save his people, he ordered his army to hunt down and capture the Idiosynchratic Point. He also ordered his engineers to develop a device as an alternative to the Idiosynchratic Point should his army fail. Jeffrey's goal is to restore the Chiram world and its people back to its former state, even at the expense of the other worlds and its inhabitants. This not only puts the Chiram at war with the Emaans, but also with the Mu race.

Other characters

Tina Henderson (ティナ・ヘンダーソン Tina Hendāson?)
Voiced by: Rihoko Yoshida
Kei's girlfriend before the explosion of the Space/Time Oscillation Bomb. Tina was pregnant with Kei's child before Kei was sent to the future. 15 years later after the Space/Time Oscillation Bomb exploded, a terminally ill Tina was met by Olson, who promised her he will find Kei. She died before Kei's reappearance 5 years later.
Maniisha Thoov (マニーシャ・トーブ Manīsha Tōbu?)
Voiced by: Miyuki Ichijō
Shaia's twin sister. She is a member of the Thoov family that runs the Emaan country and orders the capture of Kei to restore the Emaan world by any means necessary, even if it means destroying the Glomar and its crew.
Joan (ジャンヌ Jannu?)
Voiced by: Rumiko Ukai
Leader of a rebel group aiding the Glomar Crew. Joan's home country, which is a dominant female society, was under the oppression of its ruler, Queen Marie, and requests the Glomar crew for aid. After Joan's country is freed from Marie's control, she provided sanctuary to the Glomar crew from their pursuers. It was Joan's appearance that gave clues to Kei about the different worlds of Earth being merged as one. Joan is loosely based on the national hero of France, Joan d'arc while Queen Marie is loosely based on Marie Antoinette.


Lyricist - Miura Kousuke
Composer / Arranger / Singer - Casey Rankin[9]
  • Music Direction: Seiji Suzuki[2]
  • Producer: Toshitsuga Mukaitsubo[2]
  • Executive Producers: Yutaka Fujioka and Yoshimasa Onishi[2]

Episode list

  1. Space-Time Destruction
  2. Lonely Wolf
  3. Pretty Machine
  4. Caravan
  5. Lovers
  6. Vanishing Point
  7. I Love You
  8. Runaway
  9. Revolution
  10. Barbarians
  11. Dummy
  12. Chiram Girl
  13. Caspian Crater
  14. Operation D
  15. The Idioblast
  16. The Factory
  17. Seventeen
  18. Sisters
  19. Time Slip
  20. Broken Through
  21. Father
  22. Reside or Decide
  23. Destroyer
  24. Mu
  25. Chiram Soldier
  26. Breakdown
  27. Message
  28. Come Back Lover
  29. Choice
  30. Outsider
  31. Children
  32. Lost World
  33. Last Charge
  34. Battlefield
  35. Space-Time Creation


A shoot 'em up game based on the original TV series was released in 1984 for the Sega SG-1000 game console in Japan and Europe.[10]

This series is also included in the PlayStation 2 game Super Robot Wars Z released in 2008. In this game the plot of Orguss plays a central role, as it is the detonation of the Space-Time Oscillation Bomb (an event dubbed "Break the World," named after a catastrophe in Gundam SEED Destiny) that unites the heroes, villains, and locales from the various anime featured in the game.

This series has also been announced to appear in Another Century's Episode: R for the Playstation 3.

Macross cameo

A mecha from the Orguss series can be seen fighting alongside other Macross Destroids in front of the bridge of the SDF-1 Macross in the last episode of The Super Dimension Fortress Macross. The mecha in question is shown holding a shield and a rifle in the other arm for a moment before being shattered by incoming enemy fire.[11]

Super Dimension Century Orguss 02

Super Dimension Century Orguss 02 (超時空世紀オーガス 02 Chō Jikū Seiki Ōgasu 02?), also known as Orguss 02, is a 6 episode anime OVA released in 1993 and based on the 35 episode TV series Orguss which forms much of the backstory to the OVA. It was released on DVD in the US and UK by Manga Entertainment.

Taking place 200 years after the story of Orguss, the OVA deals with an early industrial society finding advanced mecha weapons called Armors (referred to in Manga's translation as "Decimators") and how they are used in a series of wars. The story delves into the question of why these mecha are present in this world, and eventually deals with how they are sent back to where they came from.


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