The Studio Pierrot magical girl series is a series of magical girl anime TV programs released by Studio Pierrot in Japan[1]. All of the magical girl series share common characteristics:

  1. The main character is an elementary school girl.
  2. The main character is a normal human girl who has magical powers bestowed on her by beings from the fairy world.
  3. The main character, by using an incantation and a wand, transforms into an adult form. (The only exception is Magical Idol Pastel Yumi)
  4. One or more emissaries from the fairy world, in the form of small animals, act as advisors to the main character.
  5. A new singer performs the theme song and plays the voice of the main character. (The only exception is Magical Fairy Persia.)
  6. Each episode focuses on the main character's environment, with generally little emphasis on the problems and incorrigibility of magical girls.

The shows in this series are not related to the Ashi Production series such as Magical Princess Minky Momo and Magical Angel Sweet Mint, though there are many similarities between the series.


The first four series aired weekly on Friday on NTV network stations from 18:00–18:30. Fancy Lala, however, was produced by TV Osaka and aired on TV Osaka and TV Tokyo weekly on Sunday from 9:30–10:00, and was the final show in this series.[2]

The Studio Pierrot magical girl series are:

  1. Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel (1 July 1983–29 June 1984, 52 episodes)
  2. Persia, the Magic Fairy (6 July 1984–31 May 1985, 48 episodes)
  3. Magical Emi, the Magic Star (7 June 1985–28 February 1986, 38 episodes)
  4. Pastel Yumi, the Magic Idol (7 March 1986–29 August 1986, 25 episodes)
  5. Magical Stage Fancy Lala (5 April 1998–27 September 1998, 26 episodes)
  • In 1987, Seika Note released a series of notepads featuring a character named Magical Designer Fashion Lala. In 1988, with the release of the Harbor Light Story OVA, the series was advertised as having a total of five shows. However, the current Studio Pierrot site denies having stated in 1988 that there would be a total of five series.
  • Between production on Creamy Mami and Persia, a pilot film for an original production titled Yumesekai no Hodgepodge was created by the staff for Creamy Mami. While the film was never aired on TV, it was included in the Magical Fairy Persia DVD Collection Box 2 as a bonus feature.


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