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Space Symphony Maetel (宇宙交響詩(Space Symphony)メーテル ~銀河鉄道999外伝~ Uchû kôkyôshi Mater ~Ginga Tetsudō 999 Gaiden~?) is a 2004 anime series created by Leiji Matsumoto, and is a side story to the Galaxy Express 999 series and the sequel to Maetel Legend.


Maetel had no choice but to either run away from her home on La Metal or stay and take over her mother's job of ruling over it. After getting asked to take over her mother, Maetel is forced to return to La Metal. On the way there, she meets a young boy named Nasuka who is traveling to La Metal for a different reason; Revenge. On arriving she quickly comes to realize her mother has been forcing all the humans on the planet to gain mechanical bodies as her planet is being over come with another ice age.

The mechanized beings then slowly move to other galaxies, turning others into cyborgs against their will. Then rebels stood up against the beings and a war followed out. Maetel, now thrown into the middle of the battle, is now stuck between what is right and what is duty.

List of Episodes

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Episode English Japanese
1. Departure of “Fate” “運命”の旅立ち
2. Nazca's “Passion” ナスカの“熱情”
3. The Night Before the “Revolution” “革命”前夜
4. “Rhapsody” in Gold 黄金色の“ラプソディ”
5. Promethium's “Magic Flute” プロメシュームの“魔笛”
6. Laurela's “Requiem” ラーレラの“レクイエム”
7. The Path= to “My Homeland” “わが祖国”への道
8. “Funeral March” for Mother 母への“葬送行進曲”
9. La Metal's “La Primavera (Spring)” ラーメタルの“春”
10. The Lighting “Titan” 電光の“巨人”
11. “Eroica” Leopard “英雄”レオパルド
12. “Song of Wayfarer” for the Heroes 勇士たちの“別れの曲”
13. The Far Away “New World” 遥かなる“新世界”

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