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Space Battleship Yamato II was a sequel to the original Space Battleship Yamato. In 2201 a new danger even greater than the Gamilons attacks Earth after the Space Yamato crew investigate an SOS signal. To make matters worse Dessler from the Gamilon empire seeks revenge for his defeat at the hands of Space Battleship Yamato.[1][2][3][4]


As the popularity of this franchise became clear (due largely to an enraged fan outcry from those who saw the movie), a second season of the television series was produced, retconning the movie and presenting a different plot against the movie's enemy without killing off the Yamato or its primary characters. Expanding the story to 26 episodes, the second season featured additional plots such as a love story between Teresa (Trelaina) and Yamato crew member Daisuke Shima (Mark Venture) and an onboard antagonism between Kodai and Saito (Knox), leader of a group of space marines. The English dub of this season is considered the best by many of the series' American fans, no doubt due in large part to the wildly imaginative spaceship designs created by Studio Nue.

Footage from Arrivederci Yamato was reused in the second season, particularly in the opening titles; the sequence of the Yamato launching from water was also reused in two of the subsequent movies.The English adaptation was known as Star Blazers: The Comet Empire[5]



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