Sora no Iro, Mizu no Iro (空の色、水の色?, lit. Color of the Sky, Color of the Water), also known just as SoraMizu (空水?), is a Japanese eroge visual novel game, originally released by Ciel in 25 June 2004, which was adapted into an adult anime, released as an OVA and produced by Himajin, its first episode being published in 28 July 2006, and second episode on 27 June 2008.[1]


The story revolves around two high school girls with the introduction of Asa Mizushima (水島朝 Mizushima Asa?),a transfer student who soon joins the swim club to get her mind off her parents' divorce. She is confronted by Hajime Saisho (最所弌 Saisho Hajime?), a cocky high school student, who flirts with other female students to sleep with him (which is revealed later on). His sinister lust masked by charmless compliments persuade Asa through via photography to capture her beauty, which she takes a liking to, but not at first. Asa is soon taken in by Hajime's fake innocences and intercourse ensues. Natsume Sorayama (空山菜摘芽 Sorayama Natsume?), the second girl, who appears younger than the other two characters, takes interest in gardening. She over hears Asa and the sadistic Hajime in conversation while she is hidden in a sunflower garden conveniently beside the club pool. While they engage in sexual activity once again, Natsume takes part by her own free will. As the two deluded girls discuss their relationship with Saisho Hajime at a hot springs, Natsume claims that her love interest in Hajime has lasted for some time, before Asa arrival. They settle this somewhat small rivalry gently by agreeing to "share" him before the Summer's end. During all this, Asa experiences discomfort and shame in her guilty pleasures, while at the same time giving into them. The first episode jumps from current scenes to flashbacks leading up to their agreement, while the second dwells on the girls' sexual relationship, which is all but affectionate, up until the Summer's end. At the end of the episode, a year or so pass since then and the girls end up meeting at the same train station to see once again Saisho Hajime.


Hajime Saisho (最所弌 Saisho Hajime)?, (Seiyū: Suzumura Kenichi)
The male character. A member of the swimming team.
Asa Mizushima (水島朝 Mizushima Asa)?, (Seiyū: Miya Serizono)
A female transfer student. A member of the swimming team.
Natsume Sorayama (空山菜摘芽 Sorayama Natsume)?, (Seiyū: Miru)
A twintail-girl. She enjoys gardening.



  • Script: Usoya Sasaki Kibito
  • Character designs and illustrations: Tony Taka
  • Backgrounds: Unspeakable
  • Music: Hiroki Kikuta
Theme song: Sora no Iro, Mizu no Iro (空の色、水の色?)
(Lyrics: rie kito, composition: Hiroki Kikuta, sung by: rie kito)


The OVA adaptation of Sora no Iro, Mizu no Iro, is being scheduled for release across DVD on 2 episodes, each spanning about 30 minutes. Produced by Himajin, the character designer and chief animation director for the series was Kazuya Kuroda, while the first episode was supervised by Takeo Takahashi.


  • First volume: Dame …… Kikoe Chau (ダメ……聞こえちゃう?)(released on: July 28, 2006)
  • Second volume: Watashi mo …… shite ageru (わたしも……してあげる?) (released on June 27, 2008)[1]


  • Planning: Kokan Mori
  • Producer: Sakura Momoi
  • Script: Kaoru Takahashi
  • Supervision and storyboards: Takeo Takahashi
  • Original character designs: Tony Taka
  • Character designs and chief animation director: Kazuya Kuroda
  • Music: Hiroki Kikuta
Theme song: Mienai Katachi (みえないかたち?)
(Lyrics: rie kito, composition: Hiroki Kikuta, sung by: rie kito)
  • Animation, production & publisher: Himajin


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