Bunroku Shishi (a pen name for Toyoo Iwata; b. July 1, 1893, Yokohama; d. Dec. 13, 1969) was a Japanese writer and director of the Bungakuza Theater in Tokyo.

In 1922 he traveled to France to study modern French theater, and worked in the atelier of Jacques Copeau.

Selected books

  • Ecchan, (Little Etsuko, 1936)
  • Ten'ya Wan'ya (Chaos, 1949)
  • Jiyu Gakko, (1950) Published in English in 2006 as School of Freedom by Lynne E. Riggs, ISBN 1-929280-40-8.
  • Yassa Mossa, (Helter-Skelter, 1952)
  • Musume to watashi, (My Daughter And I, 1956, was made into both a TV-series and a movie)

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