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Shinoe Shoda ( December 1910 - June 1965) was a Japanese poet and author.


Shoda was born in Hiroshima. She graduated from Aki Girls' High School in 1928. In 1947, evading Occupation censorship, she secretly published “Sange” (“Penitence”), a tanka anthology. She continued to write poems, memoirs, and children's tales until her death from breast cancer. Unfortunately she did not live long enough to see the publication of her second tanka collection, “Sarusuberi” (“Crape myrtle”), published in 1966. “Reiko” along with “Chanchako bachan” (“Old woman in chanchako, or a padded sleeveless jacket”), was posthumously published in “Dokyumento Nihonjin” (“Document of the Japanese”) in 1969. “Pikakko-chan” contains seven stories, including “Reiko” and “ Chanchako bachan”

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