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Shiho Niiyama (新山 志保 Niiyama Shiho?) (March 21, 1970 – February 7, 2000) was a Japanese voice actress who was affiliated with Aoni Production. Niiyama was most known for voicing Kō Seiya, otherwise known as Sailor Star Fighter, in Sailor Stars and Deedlit from Record of Lodoss War among other character roles (see below). She was also involved in one seiyū group, Virgo, who are the voice actresses of the anime and game, Ojōsama Sōsamō. She was diagnosed with leukemia in 1998, and died of internal bleeding following pneumonia in 2000. She was 29 years old. After her death, her ongoing roles went to Tarako, Satsuki Yukino, Makiko Ōmoto and Junko Noda. Niiyama's last work was the voice of Deedlit in Record of Lodoss War.

Notable roles


  • Estimated height is 163 cm tall (U.S 5' - 4 2/10")
  • Provided both the acting and singing voice of Seiya, part of the singing group "Three Lights" in Sailor Stars.
  • Part of the singing group Virgo in Ojōsama Sōsamō
  • Released a CD single Koi no Sousamou in 1996


Niiyama had been hospitalized in July 1998 for acute leukemia and had returned for a bone marrow transplant. Her symptoms persisted for an hour, but she was suffering from pneumonia due to a drop in blood pressure caused by internal hemorrahaging. Having failed to respond to medication, she died at 6:23 AM, February 7, 2000.

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