Weekly Shōnen Big Comic (週刊少年ビッグコミック Shūkan Shōnen Biggu Komikku?) was a bi-weekly manga magazine published by Shogakukan in Japan from 1979 to 1987. From 1976 to 1979, the magazine was titled Manga-kun (マンガくん?) before being renamed Shōnen Big Comics in 1979.

In 1987, the magazine changed format and was renamed Weekly Young Sunday. The magazine is aimed at teens and a generally older audience than another of Shogakukan's manga magazines, Weekly Shōnen Sunday.

Several of the manga series appearing in Weekly Shōnen Big Comic have been adapted into one or more anime TV or OVA series, including Esper Mami, Area 88, and Miyuki.


Manga-kun era

Series marked with a ♣ appeared in the first issue.

File:Manga-kun issue 1 (1977-01-10).jpg

Cover of first issue of Manga-kun, released in December 1976.

The magazine also featured a non-manga column titled Moving Toys Craft (ムービング・トイズ・クラフト Mūbingu Toizu Kurafuto?) which discussed construction of motorized toys such as radio controlled cars. The column was sponsored by Mabuchi Motor and Tamiya Corporation.

Shōnen Big Comic era

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