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Section23 Films is an American home video distribution company specializing in anime and Japanese films. The company is one of five successors to ADV Films, as well as titles from Sentai Filmworks and Switchblade Films.[1] ADV had announced that it had sold its assets to a group of companies, including Section23, on September 1, 2009.[2] Section23 Films and AEsir Holdings are represented in Australia by Madman Entertainment.


Section23 Films is a distribution company devoted to marketing and releasing titles into the North American market. The company distributes titles for Sentai Filmworks, Switchblade Pictures, and AEsir Holdings.[3]

List of Section23 Films clients

Sentai Filmworks

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Sentai Filmworks is an anime licensing company. It was formed in 2008 and had partnered with ADV Films to distribute their anime onto the market.[4] As of September 2009, distribution is now handled by Section23. Their first title was a re-release of Mahoromatic.

Switchblade Pictures

Switchblade Pictures is a licensing company that mostly licesnes live-action Japanese films (mostly, uncut horror and Pink cinema). Along with Sentai Filmworks, Switchblade was formed in 2008 and ADV Films provided distribution. As of September 2009, distribution is now handled by Section23. Their first releases were Attack Girls Swim Team VS. The Undead, and Killer Bees.

A new sub-label of Switchblade Pictures opened in 2010 called Maiden Japan. They are a licensing company that licenses Hentai anime, similar to Switchblade's Pink cinema catalog. As with Switchblade, they are distributed by Section23 Films. Their first release was Papillon Rose.

AEsir Holdings

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AEsir Holdings is another anime licensing company. However, its catalog consists of titles that were once distributed by ADV Films. It was formed in 2009, following the collapse and shut down of A.D. Vision. The company's first release was Petite Princess Yucie.


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