Sawako Agawa (阿川 佐和子 Agawa Sawako?, born November 1, 1953) is a Japanese author and television personality.

Early life

Sawako was born in Tokyo on the first of November 1953. Her father is the novelist Hiroyuki Agawa; and her elder brother Naoyuki Agawa is also a writer. Naoyuki is a former diplomat who, since 1999, has been a professor of law at Keio University.[1]

After graduation from Toyo Eiwa high school, Sawako entered Keio University, studying Western historiography.


Sawako Agawa started her career in Japanese television, first as a reporter, then as a news reader. As she made a name as an essayist -- she has won two awards for her writing -- she has gone on to appear on a variety of programs: talk shows, quiz programs, interview shows, and the like. She is a regular on Bīto Takeshi No TV Takkuru, (Beat Takeshi's TV Tackle, a humorous political discussion show, where she co-stars with Yōichi Masuzoe)


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