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Sanami Matoh (真東 砂波 Matō Sanami?) (born April 29, 1969) is a popular manga artist and writer. Hugely popular in Japan, especially among teenage girls. Matoh debuted as a manga artist in 1990 with Next to an Angel published by Akita Shoten. Her other works include -Fake-, By the Sword, and Black x Blood. She has also written quite a few dōjinshi, mostly about the popular manga One Piece.[citation needed] She taught Kazuma Kodaka, the author of Kizuna: Bonds of Love, shoujo manga drawing techniques.[1]

List of works

  • (1990) Tenshi no Soba
  • (1992) Penguin no Ousama (ペンギンの王様?)
  • (1994) Fake
  • (1995) Ra-i (ライ?)
  • (1995) Black x Blood
  • (1998) Full Moon ni Sasayaite (FULL MOONにささやいて?); English translation: Until the Full Moon (2005)
  • (1999) TenRyu: The Dragon Cycle; English release (2005)
  • (2000) Yo-u (妖 -YO U-?); English translation: By The Sword (2005)
  • (2004) Torāshiyu (トラッシュ?); English translation: Trash (2006)
  • (2007) Fake Second Season


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