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Samuel Stewart Witwer (born October 20, 1977) is an American actor and musician. He has appeared in individual episodes of numerous television shows as well as minor recurring characters in shows such as Battlestar Galactica, Smallville, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Dexter. He also voiced the main protagonist, Galen Marek/Starkiller, in the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video game.

Early life

Witwer grew up in Glenview, Illinois, a small suburb outside of Chicago. He attended Glenbrook South High School, during which time he was involved in drama and theater classes, as well as being the lead singer of a high school band called "Love Plummer". He attended the prestigious Juilliard School of Drama for a time before moving to Los Angeles.


Witwer claims that his first on-screen credit was that of a Chicago Bulls commercial. He soon found himself in speaking roles on hit television series such as "ER". Witwer's first major recurring role came in the form of portraying "Lt. Crashdown" on Battlestar Galactica although he has credited much of his current success to his role as Neil Perry on the Showtime series Dexter. A lifetime Star Wars fan, he appeared as Darth Vader's secret apprentice, Starkiller/Galen Marek and as Darth Sidious, in the massively successful multimedia project Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, providing both his voice and likeness to the game's lead character across all of the media. He has since received much praise for his contribution to the role. He reprised his role as Galen Marek in the video game: Soulcalibur IV as well as the Force Unleashed sequel: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. In the same video game: He reprised his role of Darth Sidious. There is also speculation that he will reprise his role of Starkiller for the Star Wars live-action TV series. Witwer also appeared as a soldier, Jessup, in The Mist. In 2008, Witwer was cast as Davis Bloome, the human camouflage of Doomsday (a character from the Superman comics, best known for being the only villain to have killed the Man of Steel), a charming paramedic, on Smallville who is struggling with a darkness within. Davis Bloome was killed off in the season finale by Jimmy Olsen, while Doomsday- the two having been separated by the use of black kryptonite- was buried alive by Clark Kent. In addition to playing Davis Bloome/Doomsday. Witwer also played the role of General Zod, a role originally played by Michael Rosenbaum and Terence Stamp in the Smallville series: He voiced Zod in the Season 8 pen-ultimate episode: Injustice and played the character in full-physical form at the end of the Season 8 finale. The role would later be played by British actor Callum Blue, whose look and voice match that of the original Zod actor: Terence Stamp, in Season 9 of the series. While Witwer played the human form of Davis Bloome, the real form of Doomsday is played by stuntman and actor Dario Delacio.

Witwer has been cast in Syfy's remake of Being Human. He will play the vampire Aiden.[1]


Witwer states that his first love is music and he is consequently the lead singer of his own band: "The Crashtones". They released their first CD entitled "Colorful of the Stereo" in 2006, a product which he says was very much the result of solo input. Witwer has since assembled a live line-up consisting of professional musicians and others in the industry, including Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Glenn Howerton, with whom he plays gigs whenever time allows it. Fans of the band have been assured that more music is currently being written and recorded. Witwer gives regular interviews and is a recurring guest on d20 Radio's Order 66 podcast. He currently resides in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.


Year Film Role Notes
2001 ER Tommy Episode: Fear of Commitment
JAG (2001–2003) Beasley 3 episodes
Arliss Mourner Episode: Of Cabbages and Kings
Murder in Small Town X First Mate Moe Zaleski 1 episode
2002 Dark Angel Marrow Episode: Love in Vein
She Spies Jason Episode: Daddy’s Girl
2003 Angel John Stoler Episode: Shiny Happy People
The Lyon’s Den Bryce Cherot/Chucke Porter Episode: Duty to Serve
Star Trek: Enterprise Sloth#3 Episode: The Shipment
2004 Cold Case James Creighton Episode: The Plan
NCIS Staff Sgt. Rafael Episode: Split Decision
Star Trek: New Voyages Guardian’s Voice Episode: In Harm’s Way
Battlestar Galactica Crashdown 11 episodes 2004-2005
2006 Crank Shootout Henchmen
Dexter Neil Perry 3 episodes 2006
Bones Mitchell Downs 1 Episode 2006
2007 The Mist Private Jessup Movie
Shark Richard Lee Franco Episode: Every Breath You Take
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Officer Casella Episodes: Go To Hell (2007), The Theory of Everything (2008) and Drops Out (2008)
2008 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Darth Vader’s Secret Apprentice (Starkiller) / Emperor Palpatine Video Game
Smallville Davis Bloome / Doomsday and General Zod * As Davis Bloome/Doomsday - 12 Episodes 2008-2009, As Major Zod - 1 appearance,Cameo only 2009, uncredited
2009 Gamer Social Worker Movie
2010 No God, No Master Eugenio Ravarini Movie
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Darth Vader’s Secret Apprentice (Starkiller) / Darth Sidious Video Game, Post-Production
The Return of Joe Rich Joe Neiderman Movie (post-production)
2021 Disney's Mickey Mouse & Friends (2021 Series) Huey Duck, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Bonkers D. Bobcat, Darkwing Duck/Drake Mallard, Negaduck Movies, TV Show Series & Video Games


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