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Operative A (Sabato) (冴羽人 Sabato?) is a fictional character in the Tenchi Muyo! series, exclusive to the 1996 movie Tenchi Muyo! in Love.

Sabato is a special operative within the Galaxy Police, assigned to deal with serious criminals. He was a survivor when Kain broke free of his bonds and destroyed the GP Headquarters, drawn back to 1970 with Kain by the fugitive's energy. Aware of Kain's vendetta against those with the Jurai power - namely Achika Masaki and her father Yosho - he watches the former more out of feelings of retribution than her own well-being, waiting for Kain to make his move so he may kill the criminal himself.

Posing in a human disguise to hide his Wau features, Sabato was keeping an eye on Achika by posing as a student in her class. When Ryoko noticed what he was doing, she eventually confronted him and Sabato revealed his true identity to her by identifying that he knew her criminal status. After explaining everything to Ryoko, Sabato then pointed out that he will catch her after he is done with Kain. Sabato made a vain attempt to kill Kain during his attack on Achika at Tokyo Tower and he was easily killed by him.

Sabato possessed a cybernetic left arm, which could be modified, depending on what opponent he faced. When he confronted Ryoko, it was a simple blaster easily disguised as a normal hand. However, when he faced Kain, Sabato had a more powerful laser cannon mounted to it.