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Bloody Wolf's Darkness Blue: Fist of the North Star - Rei Side-Story (蒼黒の餓狼 -北斗の拳 レイ外伝-Sōkoku no Garō Hokuto no Ken Rei Gaiden?) is a manga series authored by Yasuyuki Nekoi that was serialized in the Weekly Comic Bunch from 2007 throughout 2009, lasting six collected editions. It is a spinoff of Fist of the North Star by Buronson and Tetsuo Hara and the second one published in Comic Bunch following Legends of the Dark King. The title centers around Rei, a master of the martial art of Nanto Seiken, and his activities prior to meeting Kenshiro in the original series.

Prior to the publication of the main serial, Nekoi authored two different one-shot stories starring Rei under the title of Hokuto no Ken Rei Gaiden - Kareinaru Fukushūsha (華麗なる復讐者?, "The Splendid Avenger"), which were published in the April 5, 2006 and January 8, 2007 issues of Comic Bunch. Neither one-shots were included in the collected editions.


Rei, the master of the elegant assassination art of Nanto Suichōken, returns to his home village after the Nuclear War, only to find his parents mortally wounded and his sister Aili missing. With his dying breath, Rei's father tells him that a man with seven scars on his chest was the one who attacked them and kidnapped Aili. Now Rei wanders the wasteland as he encounters numerous bandits and warlords, including acquaintances from his training days at the Nanto Seiken school.


  • Rei (レイ?)
  • Yuh (ユウ ?)
  • Freeda (フリーダ Furīda?)
  • Eva (エバ Eba?)
  • Zan (ザン?)
  • Juda (ユダ Yuda?)
  • Shew (シュウ Shū?)
  • Karen (カレン?)
  • Rofuh (ロウフウ Rōfū?)
  • Linlei (リンレイ Rinrei?)
  • Amiba (アミバ?)
  • Shin (シン?)
  • Masaya (マサヤ?)
  • Jagi (ジャギ?)
  • Aili (アイリ Airi?)
  • Kenshiro (ケンシロウ Kenshirō?)
  • Ryuroh (リュウロウ Ryūrō?)

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