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Ryō Horikawa (堀川 りょう Horikawa Ryō?), né Makoto Horikawa (堀川 亮 Horikawa Makoto?), is a veteran seiyū born on February 1, 1958 in Osaka, Japan. He is married to fellow seiyū Hitomi Oikawa, whose birth name is also Horikawa (堀川 His former stage name is also Ryo Horikawa, which has his given name, Makoto, pronounced as Ryo. Horikawa used to be affiliated with Aoni Production and he is now director of ASLEAD company. Horikawa's native language is Japanese and he is fluent in English.


Horikawa started out as a child actor in elementary school. He made his debut in voice acting as the protagonist of the 1984 anime Yume Senshi Wingman. From there, he became famous for his anime character roles as Andromeda Shun (Saint Seiya), Heiji Hattori (Harley Hartwell), Detective Conan (Case Closed), Reinhard (Legend of the Galactic Heroes) and Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z). He's also well known for his game role as Captain Falcon (Super Smash Bros. series). His wife is also a vocal artist.

Vocal roles

Television anime


Video games

  • Another Century's Episode 2 (Kou Uraki)
  • Detective Conan: Tsuioku no Mirajiyu (Heiji Hattori)
  • Dragon Ball Z series (Vegeta, Vegetto, Gogeta)
  • Double Dragon II: The Revenge PC Engine version (Billy Lee)
  • Final Fantasy IV DS (Edward, Zeromus)
  • Kunio-kun series (Kunio)
  • Langrisser I & II (Ledin)
  • Power Stone (Falcon)
  • Power Stone 2 (Falcon)
  • Star Ocean: The Second Story (Dias Flac, Bowman Jean)
  • Super Robot Wars series (Kou Uraki)
  • Super Smash Bros. series (Captain Falcon)
  • Tales of Destiny (Miktran)
  • Lost Odyssey (Tolten)
  • Xenoblade (Dunban)


  • Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends (Henry the Green Engine, Seasons 1-8, succeeded by Junichi Kanemaru)
  • Thomas and the Magic Railroad (Henry the Green Engine)
  • Mr Men (Mr Mean)


  • Samurai Sentai Shinkenger (Akumaro Sujigarano)


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