Rowan of Rin is a children's fantasy novel by Australian author Emily Rodda. It is the first in the five-book series of the same name. It was first published in 1993 and re-released in 2003 together with the fifth and final book in the series: Rowan of the Bukshah.

Plot summary

One morning the people of Rin wake up to find that the stream that flows down from the mountain has slowed to a trickle. By nightfall it dries up completely and the villagers face an unprecedented crisis. The stream is essential for the survival of the bukshah, the herd of animals that plough the land and are rich sources of wool and milk, and hence also for the survival of the people of Rin. Because of the severity of the situation, six of the strongest,bravest villagers and the weak boy,Rowan, decide to climb the mountain - considered forbidden territory, with tales telling of a dragon living at its peak - in order to see what is wrong at the source of the stream. Strong Jonn of the Orchard, Bronden the furniture-maker, Marlie the weaver, Allun the baker, and Val and Ellis, the twin millers, volunteer to make the perilous journey. Then mysterious things take place in the mountain and the stream starts to flow again. In this novel the mountain holds many surprises including; swamps, forests and dangerous caves. The one part of the prophecy that Rowan remembers is that "Bravest Heart Will Carry On". This makes him feel like he will soon be hurt or even die, but at the end he discovers that he is the bravest as he fought all of the mountains challenges whilst being scared.

Other books in the series

The other books is the Rowan of Rin series include:
Book 1: Rowan of Rin
Book 2: Rowan and the Travellers
Book 3: Rowan and the Keeper of the Crystal
Book 4: Rowan and the Zebak
Book 5: Rowan of the Bukshah


A film was announced by Universal Pictures for release on November 11 2011.

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