Rock'n Game Boy (ロックンゲームボーイ Rokkun Gēmu Bōi?) is a Japanese manga by Shigeto Ikehara serialized in Comic BonBon from 1989 to 1991.


The story follows Hajime Nanba and his friends, who form the Rock'n Gamers. Hajime and his older brother Shō are skilled video game players. When Shō becomes a famous gamer, he becomes the target of the secret evil organization known as BUG, which plans to conquer the world using the technology of the Nintendo Game Boy. BUG has agents worldwide, and they will do anything to achieve their goal, including kidnapped children and turn them into members with mind control. Hajime's brother suddenly disappeared one day, and he tries to discover his whereabouts, learning about the existence of the evil organization in his search. Hajime tries to rescue his brother and put an end to BUG with the help of other gamers.


Rock'n Gamers

  • Hajime Nanba (南波一 Nanba Hajime?) - A Japanese Game Boy player. He wants to become a great player like his older brother Shō.
  • Shō Nanba (南波翔 Nanba Shou?) - Hajime's older brother. He is a skilled video game player that appears in TV and magazines. He suddenly disappeared and Hajime goes after him. After being rescued, he joins his brother to put an end to BUG.
  • Genba (源旛?) - A boy taken by BUG to become a member of the organization. He joins Hajime to stop BUG.
  • Chibimane (チビ豆?) - A friend of Hajime. He isn't a very skilled video game player, but has a lot of knowledge about them.
  • Kazuki (一樹?) - Leader of Geimu no Sato (芸夢の里?), a school game made by many gamers.
  • Julia (樹里亜?) - Kazuki's sister.


  • Kazuto Hasu (破州和人?) - A BUG scout.
  • Android
  • BAL - Manipulates the main computer from BUG's base.
  • Hamerun (ハメルン塾の塾長?) - A BUG magician. He hypnotizes young gamers to work for BUG.
  • Masaru Katsuto (活戸勝 Katsuto Masaru?) - A BUG gamer working with Hamerun.
  • Bit Benders (ビットベンダーズ?) - Four gamers guarding the entrance of BUG's fortress. They challenge the Rock'n Gamers with the game Rockman World.
  • Tom (トム?) - A resident of "Game Eden".
  • Baxter (バクスター?) - BUG's elite gamer.
  • BUG's boss - Leader of the "Game Eden".
  • BUG's president - Leader of the evil organization BUG.

Games featured

List of video games featured in the manga. Note that although the manga focuses on Game Boy games, it also contains a few Famicom and Super Famicom games.

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