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Riyoko Ikeda (池田 理代子 Ikeda Riyoko?, born December 18, 1947 in Osaka, Japan) is a Japanese manga artist and singer. She is included in Year 24 Group.[1] She was one of the most popular Japanese comic-artists in the 1970s, being best known for The Rose of Versailles, but gave up drawing manga to pursue a musical career. She made a comeback to the comic-industry as a scenarist in 1999. Her use of foreign settings and androgynous themes made The Rose of Versailles and Orpheus no Mado "enormous successes".[2]


Ikeda has written and illustrated many shōjo manga, many of which are based on historical events, such as the French Revolution or the Russian Revolution.

Her most famous manga is The Rose of Versailles (ベルサイユのばら Berusaiyu no bara?) also known as Lady Oscar in Europe. This manga, loosely based on the French Revolution, has been made into several Takarazuka musicals and into an anime series and a live-action film. Her recent manga includes Der Ring des Nibelungen. It is a manga version of the opera written by Richard Wagner.

In 2008 she received France's Ordre national de la Légion d'honneur.[3]



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